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The sky is my favorite- witnessing it change, expand, be born again, become alive with balls of fire in the distance. We all get to see it be alive every single day. I love that. Texas has been showing off lately, I will admit. Being in the air is one of the most incredible feelings for me. Even on long, tiring days where we have nowhere to sit for a second of peace, it’s worth it for a glance out of my office window to a view not even worthy of  an infinite number of paintings (yet entirely deserving). Settled on land, feet secure on pavement, grass, tile, witnessing this magical- sometimes unbelievable- process take place, finally gives me a sense of stability. I will admit, however, a moment when I am entirely content and secure is when I’m coming home, pulling up into my driveway after a long three week trip to foreign lands, and being greeted by the sky’s parade of color and vividness. It’s a celebration, just as every day is. I hope you look at today’s blue sky with those puffy clouds you love so much, or wake up to the sunrise as you drink that too-hot coffee on your front porch and feel remarkable happiness. I hope you conquer today just as the sky conquered the Earth. You are alive and that is a celebration. I’m rooting for you today and everyday. If ever in doubt, look up and see the world is cheering you on- always.

(and yes I mean this for those rainy days also- face that rain and jump in a puddle because you can.)

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