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Compilation: Venice Italy + South Korea + South Texas = That makes sense?

I’m guilty of having the number of “pending posts” almost catch up to actual posts posted. So below is a complication of photos from three separate, quick journeys I’ve lived through in the last couple of months: Italy, South Korea, and finally, Home-home (South Texas). Enjoy!


Venice, Italy

I wrote about on an Instagram post (because, honestly, I’m a lot better at keeping up to date ((okay, minute)) there than I am on this blog ((mareyes15))) explaining that this Venice trip was very, very unlike my first visit years ago. Actually, now that I come to think of it, my first visit was in January, it was quite cold, and I was forced to wear a heavy pea-coat…well, this time, Venice decided to be unbelievably rainy. Now I’m talking complete downpour from the moment we got off the train to the moment we got back on. Though, as we were not even supposed to be in Italy that day, we happily accepted the rainy occasion. I’ll start from the beginning: originally, we had about 12 hours on ground. My crew and myself were staying 2 hours away from Venice, though as we arrived at nighttime there was nothing we could really do except eat and sleep. WELL, would you believe a massive lightning storm was also simultaneously occurring, causing a delay of the aircraft we were supposed to get on the next day. Well, this was followed by some heart pain of a fellow and then something about catering truck hitting the aircraft…(???) POINT IS: the aircraft was incapable of having my crew on it the next day. Guests were bussed to Venice and that next morning I trained myself over, too. Now I didn’t venture out alone. I had five wonderful ladies and coworkers to share this surprising wet day with. This trip, although began with all the intentions of seeing specific sites and riding certain gondolas, actually included none of that. Instead it was full of hiding out from the rain in a small, yet crowded, restaurant with wine on keg owned by a man named Leo. We stayed there all afternoon with our new Italian restaurant friends, even when the rain stopped long enough to where we could have continued on our way. Afterward, before getting on a late train ride back to our city we hurried around where we could and souvenir/bag shopped our heads off. This day will go down in history as one where I, without any conscious effort, lived life whole-heartedly and laughed enough to prove it. Plus we took so many selfies that day of our happiness, that there is physical proof!

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IMG_1047And finally, a snapchat photo I saved because of course I bought a new bag while in Venice. Of course I did. Oops.


Also, shout out to Briana whom first traveled to Venice with me years ago in the cold! We were just babies!

Osan, South Korea

I SAW JACOB SHIN. I feel like I can skip talking about everything else because none of it matters as much as seeing your best friend after months of being separated. And being able to see them on their turf just makes it so much more special! As soon as I arrived at the hotel in South Korea I ran up to my room, showered, and got dressed as quickly as possible. Soon enough, I received a message from Jacob saying he was there. I ran out of that room as fast as my tired airline legs would let me. It seriously felt like Christmas morning (or evening if you’re like my family). Anyway, point is, I was thrilled. I still am. We adventured out of the hotel, accompanied by Kevin my coworker, and made our way to a bigger neighbor city (the name escapes me) where we ate some yummy Korean barbecue and had some drinks. As much as it is a remarkable feeling to see a friend after time apart, it still quite hurts to leave them again. Here’s to future visits and then having you join us again in two years! Also, did I mention how great it was to have a native speaker as a tour guide? Oh man, I didn’t have to struggle as much as in Tokyo!

The first three photos are of Osan from my second visit to South Korea. I ate too many salty dumplings and bought way too many purses (one pictured). Packing my suitcase for the rest of the trip sure was entertaining.

IMG_1313 IMG_1309
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IMG_1179IMG_1182   IMG_1169


South Texas: My family. My dear cat. Mexican food. Home.

There were a few reasons why I decided to go home during my off days. One) I just missed everyone, of course. Sometimes, especially in a job that requires you to live far away and never really have a “home”, you just need to go back to your roots and be surrounded by those that are forced out of blood to love you. (haha) Secondly) I had actually been quite sick during my Japan-Korea-Seattle turns and had to visit a clinic a couple of times for this dang sickness that never actually got diagnosed. (seriously, three doctors and no conclusion?) Anyway, I am 100% better now so horray! Thirdly) I woke up to an earthquake in Tokyo one morning and after alerting my mother (mistake) she messaged me- and I quote- “Baby come home”. So a worried momma got me a plane ticket home. Fourthly) Piper, duh. I love my cat. The end.

Errands were made, as usual. Mother even managed to sneak in a cleaning at the dentist. I visited my sweet grannies, finally got the chance to go to mass with my family, saw my best friends, shopped (as usual- totally thrilled to show y’all what I purchased once it is cold enough!), and cuddled Piper until she clawed her way out (kinda not kidding). Oh, one of the evenings, my family with my cousin Kaleb and my sisters’ boyfriends Rey and Rene, went out to Wallbangers for the first time where I ate an incredible, Mac-n-cheese filled burger with BACON. There is no photo so you will just have to trust me- it was wicked. Great company and totally delicious food! Overall, swell visit home. It put me back in the right mental/physical/health place to go on my next work adventure.

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–> I ended up back in Houston with an extremely winter-weathered overstuffed suitcase. Also check out how cute my new cloth travel baggies are?! Next on this blog (because I will get better about posting) I take my wings somewhere quite unexpected: KUWAIT.

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