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Colorado on Film: Camping Season

Happy Holidays, friends!

Firstly, I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Secondly, is anyone else ready for 2021 to be over? Because I sure am. Even though winter hasn’t really hit Colorado yet, I’m already dreaming about warm days on the lake.

Therefore, I bring to you: Summer Camping on film taken on a Minolta Explorer Freedom Zoom with Kodak Gold 200 (aka, a dreamy combination). The Minolta is truly a favorite pocket friendly camera. It’s reliable, compact, and has provided me with some of my favorite film photos ever (these included!) On this trip, we combined trips to Steamboat Springs State Park, Pearl Lake State Park, and a stay in Steamboat Springs with a visit to the hot springs, of course.

Two of my favorite activities since moving to Colorado are camping and being near a lake. Now if you combine the two…I am the happiest person in the world. Ah, the only other thing that compares to that joy is being on a sunny beach with the sound of the waves in my ears. Obviously I am a water baby and being in a land-locked state is quite torturous at times!

Anyway, I got my first paddle-board this past summer. The brand is Retrospec and it is fantastic. I highly recommend the Weekender Inflatable Paddle Board 10′ (currently on sale and the new Navy Zion color is so fun!) but make the extra splurge for the automatic pump. I will definitely be purchasing it for this upcoming paddle season. None of this is an ad (but it should be)- I just thoroughly enjoyed my summer more because of this paddle-board.

Waking up to early morning coffee as the sun shines onto the chilly lake…golden reflections and warmth…there is no other feeling like it.

I know we have a long winter ahead of us (once it does decide to snow in Colorado), but I’m almost ready for these kinds of moments now. Still…the snow is necessary to have these kinds of experiences so…let’s hope it snows soon.

Until next time, friends!

And again, wishing you the happiest and healthiest holiday season.

Mary A.

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