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Colorado on Film: Glenwood Springs

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! This has been one tough year and I am, honestly, a little excited to see it come to a close. Kevin and I are getting ready to adventure out on our first international trip in over two years. Until that trip though, I thought I’d flashback to memories from this time last year when we traveled to Glenwood Springs, Colorado for Kevin’s birthday!

We were initially extremely hesitant to take this trip due to the pandemic, but we stayed extremely vigilant in our proximity to others and of course, our mask wearing and hand sanitizing. We stayed at the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort and although the hotel is okay (nothing too remarkable), it is the connection to the Pool that makes it worth it. Daily rates for the pool entrance are $26 (adult) and $18 (children). Prices also increase around spring break time. But if you stay at the Lodge, you get unlimited access to the pool for the duration of your stay. Plus, it’s nice that after you soak in the toasty pool for awhile you don’t have to commute far to get back to your hotel room.

“Soak in natural heated water with 15 minerals to re-energize and renew tired muscles.” The pool itself is very spacious. Even with the athletic club hosting small classes in the pool there was plenty of space for Kevin and I to float around. There is also a smaller section that is even more toasty. I personally enjoy going back and forth between the two. There’s even a lap pool and a splash zone for kids.

As we soaked, the air got incredibly peaceful and snow started gently falling- it was magical.

I’ll admit though that initially as we drove into town I wasn’t the most impressed with how small the town looked, but there are so many things that can be done in Glenwood Springs. Of course the hot springs are open year round. There is an adorable shopping area with tons of restaurants, bars, and stores (souvenir stores as well!). We ate at Glenwood Canyon Brewpub, had drinks at Casey Brewing Taproom (great if you love Sours!), and enjoyed tacos and cocktails (shh!) from Slope & Hatch while overlooking the Colorado River. The only thing we noticed is that most places close relatively early for a tourist town. So after an evening dip in the Hot Springs we found ourselves wandering around looking for something to keep us busy.

Besides the things I just mentioned there is also Iron Mountain Hot Springs (still on my list!), and the Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves (best for those not claustrophobic). We were bummed that the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park was closed the weekend we visited, but we will definitely be going back! Another highlight in the area that you have already probably heard of is Hanging Lake, although it has had a tough couple years and is temporarily closed. And of course, since it is Colorado, there is an endless list of activities you can partake it depending on the season- including fishing, white water rafting, cycling, etc.

After a quick weekend in Glenwood Springs, we left back to the Denver area refreshed and at peace…until we hit a snowstorm on the way home. There’s just something about driving through snowy mountains that is both invigorating and slightly terrifying. Still, it does make for some lovely film photos. Oh, I almost forgot about my film set up. These were shot on a Nikon One Touch Zoom 90 (Sorry, I can’t remember the film). This was one of my first trips solely dedicated to using only film and it was a fun experience.

Well, that about sums up this Colorado on Film experience! I’ll see you next time, friends! And I haven’t forgotten about the Balloon Fiesta post either. I’ll get to it after this next trip to…COLOMBIA!

Until next time!

Mary A.

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