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Welcome, 2022!

Happy New Year, Friends!

I am currently sitting, patiently, at the airport awaiting my very delayed flight back to Denver. My first “resolution” for 2022 was to be more patient, and alas, the Universe said, “Oh, I’ll teach you patience, alright.” Bam, delays on delays. Still, I am sincerely grateful for experiencing this holiday season with my family in Texas. I spent 9 days in the Rio Grande Valley, which is the longest time I’ve been here since breaking my wrist back in 2017 (good times).

Insta @lifeofmaryreyes

Typically, I would rewind time and post about my 2021. But, honestly, I’d almost rather leave it in the past already. I posted a collage of film photos that I took throughout the year on my Instagram, but then later that afternoon Colorado had devasting fires that destroyed hundreds of homes. Living through these unprecedented, historic, mentally-catastrophic moments is sure getting real tiring. I spent the whole day watching the news, following on Twitter, and nervously awaiting further spread of the fires. I was nervous for friends in the evacuation zone, nervous for my future home just East of the fire, and nervous for our current home North-ish of the area. I was just nervous- all day. It’s also hard to think of visually packing things into a go-bag… just in case. All I could think of was passports, pictures, and cameras, even though there’s a whole list of essentials you should take in an emergency

So, I’m leaving 2021 in the past. I’ll still post photos of the year, of course. I still need to get to the Balloon Fiesta post…maybe before the next one comes around. Although I will say that in 2022 I would like to just have more fun. That’s it: have more fun. Life’s too stressful all the time now- I want to squeeze as much fun as possible out of this next year (and all the following ones). So I’d like to camp more, adventure outdoors more, take more photos, swim more, travel more (although currently hating airports), just experience more.

For now, I will be experiencing patience as I wait for this plane from Denver to arrive. Patience….wish me luck!

Cheers to a new year, friends!

Until next time!

Mary A.

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