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A Formal Expression of Intention (2017 Resolutions)

Now that the holiday festivities have ended and I can finally breathe again, I have had time to sit down and jot down a *final* list of my resolutions for 2017. Now, I have to admit, I was never very good at math, but I am obsessed with my own financial numbers. I love watching my high interest savings account grow every month from just the interest alone and fluctuating numbers and trends greatly interest me. So for the new year I have strongly focused on maturing financially (as I mentioned previously).

I want to have a life full of travel and a fantastic life savings account, including zero student debt, extra money for my family, and enough to support my hobbies (and shoes  ’cause let’s get real).

So below are what I’ve come up with as of now; I say this because life is ever changing and expanding and I can rearrange and add to those goals that I have already set. 

(Note: I know y’all don’t need to know about my finances, but I need to jot them down for myself and having them posted somewhere will definitely hold me to them)

Financial Goals:

  1. Save up $5,000 in my high interest savings account. Now my target goal is 10,000 but with understanding that finances are tight on slow flying months, I’m giving myself some leg room. So between those two numbers and I will be satisfied. Though closer to 10 and I’ll be happier.
  2. Lower my student loan $5,000 total in addition to auto-payments or erase the one (I have separate ones) with the highest loan balance and interest.
  3. Start learning about/investing with the app “Acorns”.
  4. And finally for finances, make credit card debt at zero.

Miscellaneous Goals:

  1. Finally buy a bike in Tampa so I can ride to the beach. (Perk for exercise)
  2. Begin learning how to code. I signed up for free online- now I just have to start!
  3. Shoot more film on the Nikon FE I got for Christmas!
  4. Travel, duh. Go somewhere new, go on a cruise and do things I have not done before.
  5. Blog more every neat layover I have and dive into fashion-related posts.
  6. Read more and write more, even if no one ever sees it.

Personal goals:

  1. To work on being okay with distance and being away from those I love. I need to work on not over-analyzing and not questioning everything when times are rough.
  2. To not compare my life to those of others’ in jealousy. I am proud of where I am and proud of where you are.
  3. To always be grateful for what I already have and to stop using “I want” so many times a day.
  4. To be a better sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend, co-worker, and stranger.
  5. To live this year courageously and whole-heartedly.

And of course: drink more water, start attempting to do some exercise, and drink less soda…… know how that usually goes.

I hope y’all are already having the best year ever. Remember, just because we may stray from our Goals doesn’t mean we have to completely give up on them. It’s never too late to get up and try again.

Xoxo Mary

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