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Bernkastel, Germany

Holy smokes what a day!

Hello, all! I hope everyone is doing really well! Today has been a ridiculously long day. It started out at 4AM German time to intense wind crashing against my window and snow/sleet falling. After breakfast, Laura, Per, and Teryn, my crewmembers and friends, decided to go for a little walk. To my surprise it was a walk down snow covered vineyards to the nearby quaint village of Bernkastel. The town is very popular in the summer for its many vineyards and boat cruises on the Middle Mosel river. Cobble streets are filled with tiny boutiques and cafés. The buildings are really quite old, one from 1490 to be exact. Try and picture that! As Laura said, Bernkastel is exactly how you would picture a German town to be, especially down to the decorum. The town has a huge down period in the winter so we basically had the entire center to ourselves. It was a pleasant afternoon walk full of much needed fresh air with wonderful friends. I even got to test out my new Nikon FE so hopefully I at least took one good photo on there). Now, after a fun 8 hour flight (it seriously was a blast) I am in bed in Baltimore. This has been the longest day (I don’t have the brain capacity to calculate how long I have been awake right now) but I feel very full: full of good laughs, great talks, and amazing times with wonderful people. It’s been a very, very fulfilling day.

Best to y’all,

Xoxo Mary

P.S. anyone care to guess where I’m flying 15 hours with three connections to tomorrow?

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