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Back To My Roots

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And it was my birthday! I am now a 23-year-old cat loving international flight attendant from South Texas. I am constantly searching something bigger but always appreciative of what’s around me and what I have. I’m a beach baby that loves being in the snow, too. I guess I’m pretty normal. I am one of three sisters and yes, we all look alike but have very different and strong personalities. My parents are the root, the strongest bonding that we owe everything to. I try to breathe in more outside air than recycled, but sometimes that isn’t quite possible. I met the love of my life through work on the hardest and longest flying days I’ve done this last year. I’m a jack of all trades and master of none. I think that’s okay. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing in life, but I think that’s okay, too. I’m not exactly sure if I rock at packing a suitcase yet or not…oh well. But anyway, this post is supposed to be about my birthday shenanigans. So let’s begin:

I have a few best friends in the Valley. Brianda and Jesus, my lovely married couple that just makes sense. Bri is my go-to girl, the person I message when I’m in a conflict and need advice. The person I show my outfits to because she’s always so on point. The person that tradition survives with because hey, it works for us.

Cory, Viviana, Rey, and Jeremy (sorry you couldn’t be here buddy!) I’ve also known for years. I won’t go into how we met or our stories together because those things are a novel in itself. Just know, I owe a lot to them. They ground me. They make me realize that I’m more than whatever job or mental situation I’m in. Rey knows me so well I think he visualizes my future better than I do. So for my birthday, we of course acted like kids again (which we’ll never grow out of).

I hadn’t been to Schlitterbahn in years. Since field trips in high school when I accidentally gave people sun tan lotion instead of sun block. Oops. But to celebrate my birthday, the girls got us tickets and for the day we floated around, went on water rides, and played in the ocean. We’ll always be 5 years old at heart.

Below are photos of this brilliant day, along with snapshots of Piper, ice cream with Brianda, and my mom, sister, and cousin. Life is sweeter with all of you in it. Cheers to a great year of being 22 and the start of a wonderful, brilliant year of being 23. I’m excited to see what’s in store.

(also I wrote this at the airport before boarding my flight to Houston so forgive me if there are errors. I wrote it quite rushed- oops)

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