Year 23

Howdy, all!

Another year of my life has come and gone and I am officially 24 years and one day old. As difficult as these past couple of months have been, the overall year has been an amazing one. My second year of being an international flight attendant, I checked off several bucket list items, and I am closer to realizing what I want to do in my life. 24 will be the year of personal growth, career maturity, and creative direction. I am committed to putting my health first, to continue writing, and to remember why I started traveling in the first place. So below is my list of some year 23 highlights. As monumental as these moments are, there were many more that were not photographed: reunited family hugs, cozy days with Luca, and uplifting afternoons with dear friends to name a few (plus an awesome cat cafe in Tokyo). And as with every year of life that I am fortunate enough to have, I remember my sweet Grandma, who I was lucky to share a birthday with. She would have been 84 years and one day old and I won’t ever stop missing her.img_5109

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Back To My Roots

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And it was my birthday! I am now a 23-year-old cat loving international flight attendant from South Texas. I am constantly searching something bigger but always appreciative of what’s around me and what I have. I’m a beach baby that loves being in the snow, too. I guess I’m pretty normal. I am one of three sisters and yes, we all look alike but have very different and strong personalities. My parents are the root, the strongest bonding that we owe everything to. I try to breathe in more outside air than recycled, but sometimes that isn’t quite possible. I met the love of my life through work on the hardest and longest flying days I’ve done this last year. I’m a jack of all trades and master of none. I think that’s okay. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing in life, but I think that’s okay, too. I’m not exactly sure if I rock at packing a suitcase yet or not…oh well. But anyway, this post is supposed to be about my birthday shenanigans. So let’s begin:

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