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Home + Houston + Baltimore

11655276_10204033790676161_795210902_nThis job took me home for a few days and it was glorious and much needed. Of course the days I did spend in the Valley were packed with errands and being on the road, as they normally are. Still, I managed to both tailor my clothes and spend time with my family, Piper, and Queenee. There are quite a few products that I purchased for this job, including a new 11650706_10204033787236075_768701698_nfancy watch and tons of new face moisturizers and creams11651323_10204033786836065_166235566_n I’m supposed to use to retain hydrated skin while I’m up in the air. As soon as I finish sharing this with you all, I will begin the process of getting ready to look the part of a flight attendant. Oh man, that’s right… today is my first official flight. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Going back to Home, my parents and I managed to re-pack everything that was already originally still packed from University and shove it into two different vehicles for the drive to Houston. Yes, I said it. I am now a Houston resident. As of now the only thing I really know is that 1) It’s busy and 2) I have to toughen up with my driving confidence. If not things will not be pretty. My new temporary “home” is a sweet set up: an easy shot to work and surrounded my many coffee and eating options. Most importantly, my own bedroom and for a decent Houston price tag (from what I know). Well, after two days of running even more errands (they never end, do they?), being rained on (that never ends either, does it?), and again, more packing (oh, that’s never going to end- duh), I said a temporary “see you later” to my parents and at11668039_10204033790276151_33505799_n 0500 woke up, got dressed, and made my way to my new life.

As for Baltimore, I haven’t been able to see much, but that’s definitely alright because I already have plans to come back. I will recommend this place called Union Jack in Columbia which gave my friends and I a wonderful, fun filled night with tons of dancing and many laughs.

Well, I have certainly learned a lot already. The first day of traveling was full of, “aw man”‘s and “well, shit”s. Let’s just see what little things I’ve picked up from some experience:

-Don’t forget your pearl earrings that are necessary for work (well, shit)

-Don’t forget to use your handy dandy parking pass instead of pulling a ticket (aw man)

-Bring both suitcases, dummy (dammit, Mary)

-Yes, you will need more clothes than what you brought.

-Yes you will get extended without that clothes (for both: well then…)

-Diversions, delays, and holding patterns will happen. (Just go with it; hello Richmond)

-Robes are freaking awesome.

Now that I’ve shared with you a few of the little things I’m picking up, it is time for me to get a few more minutes of snooze before getting dressed for tonight’s flight. Next time I post I may be somewhere pretty neat. Wish me luck!

As always bisous X Mary Anna


(I wasn’t kidding about the robes)

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