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Oh. Germany, Germany, Germany. First off, let me just state, I never once in my life thought that I would visit Germany as many times as I did in one week. I think it was around four times that I visited the city in the South-West. Now you may be thinking, “You couldn’t have even had time to see anything while you were there those four times.” Well, person, you are a bit incorrect and a bit correct. I have not been able to adventure outside the city that much, but I have been able to familiarize myself with the surroundings enough to where I feel comfortable walking them need be. Thanks to a new very nice friend (that I actually have a lot in common with) ((hey, Kevin)), I even got to see an area completely new to me- something like a “downtown”. Kevin rented a car with two of my classmates and picked me up on the way to a festival that was occurring on a hot Sunday afternoon. First we visited the castle/fort that is in our backyard and then we made our way to K-town where we hung out at a pub with a very nice (and cute- oops) bartender and other coworkers I had just gotten the chance to meet. In a nutshell, it was very exciting to be outside the hotel, but it was way too warm to be outside/without air conditioning, even for us Texas folks. Of course Germany is going through a heat wave. And of course air conditioning isn’t a huge thing over there as it is here. These are things I just have to gets used to as I continue to travel around.

Another day I wanted to quickly share with you all was July 4th. As much as I missed being at home popping fireworks in my lawn with my family, I did get to celebrate it surrounded by cheerful patriotic Americans (and Germans). The night prior I had deadheaded (which basically means just flew commercial) with United to Frankfurt from Baltimore. Might I add, this was best flight I had been on as a passenger in a long time. Yes, I am biased because I did honestly get a bit of special attention thanks to my “Crew” luggage (first class amenity kits? Hell yeah.), but the flight attendants were all very personable and memorable. I now have even higher standards for the service I perform on my flights. Continuing on with July 4th, though, I arrived at the hotel to learn that the rest of the crew wouldn’t be present until the following day. Of course my first step is to nap (duh). Then, it is to follow the English speaking sounds to the roof top balcony where I was greeted by smiling faces and a live band about to perform. The evening was spent overlooking the German landscape, being rained on the tiniest bit, and seeing a remarkable rainbow over the castle/fort in our backyard.

I believe I’ll be visiting Germany quite a bit in the future and hopefully next time I can take the train outside and continue exploring the neighboring areas. For now though, I shall sleep in my “own” bed in Houston until Monday’s next adventure.

Stay tuned, friends.

X Mary Anna

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