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I am currently sitting at Terminal B’s Starbucks patiently awaiting my Frappuccino. I officially have my crew luggage next to me, tags and all, and a badge around my neck that says I am an employee of the airline industry. I am a flight attendant now. I am finally coming to understand that. I did it. After years of flying and pondering the life of those paid to fly I am now one of them. But you know what I have learned is, it is not just about the glamour and neat destinations that you assume it to be. It’s hard. It is so busy. All we want is that our guests remain comfortable and safe. If you need anything, we try our best to provide it, and if in the case- God forbid- anything occurs, our main priority is getting you to ground safely. The rest is just extras.

I am so happy. Everything has been a whirlwind since my last post. I passed many exams, oral validations, took vaccinations, flew back to Houston, and spent today on one of our lovely aircrafts. It was incredible. It was phenomenal. Up to these past few days, it was a goal that felt, honestly, unreal. I was nervous the entire time. What if I couldn’t complete it? What if I didn’t get the grades? What if they didn’t see me as a flight attendant? My brain tricked me a lot these past few weeks, but I defeated it. I followed my instincts and am now able to say that I will be living my dream of being in the air.

My time in Miami, although relatively long, was mainly spent at the hotel at training center. I did, however, get to see the beautiful beach with my new friends. Speaking of which… making new friends, especially at work, is hard sometimes. I did not exactly know what the age group was going to be for training. I was the youngest one in my interview group so naturally I was a bit nervous I would come across as naïve or a baby compared to the older, more experienced crowd. I will admit, at times my age and inexperience did show. Just last month I was taking final exams and walking at graduation. Suddenly I am surrounded my people who have lived 25-50 years mine; yes, I was a bit nervous. I did not have to be, though. I quickly learned that. The older crowd was so accepting and nurturing. Motherly instincts were present, the men joked like Father’s and Uncles. One of the ladies reminded me of my Aunt Claudia and many ladies told me I reminded them of their daughters/nieces. We all joked, bonded, told stories, laughed, hung out outside training courses. We weren’t separated by any structures. The younger crowd was all the same- intermingled between study groups and South Beach memories. I now have a new batch of friends that are living the same incredible life I am and working a job we have always dreamed about. I am so excited.11402678_10203988970715690_6582584565579145643_nSo now I am sitting at the airport, watching crew members walk by in their snazzy uniforms. Besides me a pilot is preparing his hot coffee. Now I will take my almost finished Fraps to my gate, with my new fancy black luggage that says “CREW” on a tag. And I will continue to be a giggly new flight attendant on my way home to see my family and dear Piper on this Father’s Day.

You don’t need permission to be wild at heart, just the courage to live adventurously

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