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Miami Part 2

11358783_10203931878848429_1318349440_nYes, I know. Shame on me for being in Miami two and a half weeks and only making one blog post. To my own defense (as usual) I’m not actually at liberty to share very much information about what I’m doing. Top secret stuff, you know. (or not I dunno) Plus, let me just add that I am WAY busier now than I usually was at university. My schedules normally consist of waking up at 0700 or earlier, training until 1800, coming “home”, eating, studying, maybe even running, homework, and finally sleep. We’re definitely being kept busy here. But it has been so great. It is remarkable how much you can learn in so quick of time. I now know and understand so much more about the airline industry, airplanes, and regulations. Next time I’m on a plane I will be able to look around and say, “Ohhhh, I see now. I can do this now.”

Well, not just yet. It isn’t over. It isn’t even close to over. We have had many exams and we have many exams left. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Things are getting serious and require all of my attention at all moments of the day, except for this study break right now. I have training tomorrow also and an exam so positive thoughts are always appreciated. Light a candle, say a prayer, wish on that shooting star that I have the strength and mental capacity to be successful in this. Before I get back to getting work done and then some sweet sleep, I will mention one specific day that was out of my ordinary here.

Last Sunday I finally got to see this beloved South Beach people have been raving about. It did not fail me. The day had been bordering on gloomy and we (a couple other Flight Attendants) had a later start to our day. We still made it out where we met another of our group, caught some sun played in the beautiful water, and fell asleep as clouds starting rolling in. Uh-oh. It was a bummer but we continued relaxing on. Well, one hour later and the sun was back with new intensity. It was glorious. As much as we wanted to stay there in the sunlight with the sounds of the ocean thrusting about and other visitors (all so good looking might I add) walking around, it was time for a big meal. Little did I know, but should have expected that food in South Beach is kinda really expensive. Though this was one of those “treat yo self” kinda days since all I eat for dinners at the hotel is peanut butter sandwiches. After another Uber ride (which I am a pro at now), we made our way back to the hotel where I continued to lounge around. The following few days were spent day dreaming about the weekend. The night prior to our beach day we went out onto the town and celebrated one of our FA’s birthdays- also ridiculously fun, but I won’t go into any details about that night!

I wish I could write more but it is midnight already and I have training at 9AM. Therefore it is time for me to once again fall asleep on this huge hotel bed that makes me feel spoiled. Remember, keep your fingers crossed for me. I would really appreciate it.

As always bisous my friends X Mary Anna

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