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MIAMI (Pre & 1)

HELLO, MIAMI, FLORIDA. Well, hello Miami hotel. As of now, I have not actually seen anything in Miami besides the training center and a Chinese restaurant that I ate dinner at last night. Although I haven’t done any exploring, I am still ridiculously exhausted after these incredibly busy past two days. I won’t go into too much specific detail, just because I’m not sure I can, but I’ll detail what I can.

I didn’t sleep the night before my flight (as usual). At 3AM, I got out of my restless daze, got dressed, triple checked 11350120_10203870266628162_523531348_n (1)all of the things I was bringing (still forgot my hairbrush though), said a heartbreaking goodbye to my Piper (don’t get me started)  and got dropped off at the airport by my sweet parents. Right before I went through security I turned around to look at them and saw them waving at me. My heart is so full when I think about all their support. I really just want my parents to be proud of me; I want to prove to my mother I can have a good paying job doing something that I love and I want my dad to be happy I’m doing something we both are so fascinated by (he loves airplanes). So my biggest motivator for getting through these next four weeks of training and exams is making my parents even more proud than I think they are of me already. Continuing with my day though past MFE –> DFW, after dozing in 11263839_10203870267028172_1257217960_nand out of sleep in the middle seat behind a screaming child, I got my suitcase and went outside to wait for the hotel shuttle. I had no idea what to expect. Will there be other people waiting? What color is the shuttle? Am I late? How do I even find the shuttle? Well, after awhile of standing solo I found another girl (actually she talked to me first) and would you believe it, she’s from my hometown! Finally we waved down the shuttle, which was already full of other flight attendants, still managed to fit (I got shotgun), and made our way to the hotel. The window was down allowing my hair to loosen itself from my “neat” bun I thought I was supposed to wear. The driver was a middle aged man that spoke so highly about our company and still managed to scare us as he talked about what the exams would be like. “Oh, you will have to study a lot A LOT.” Okay, yikes. I got my room key, rolled my suitcase over, and opened the door to the most incredible surprise: the best hotel suite I have ever stayed in (okay, the only suite I have ever stayed in). I thought I would have to share a bedroom, but nope. I have my own room with a desk, bathroom, and closet. The bed itself is way too large for me! Not complaining. We have a living room and kitchen too, all fully furnished. My roommate is the best part though. She’s around the same age and pretty darn awesome. It’s been a really good time hanging out; today as soon as we were back from training we sat on the comfy couch, ate left over Chinese food, and watched SVU. Going back to the first day, though, yesterday we just did a whole bunch of necessary file work: finger and ID stuff. We even got to try on our uniforms! But unfortunately, nothing fit me… as usual. Being small is really kind of a bummer a lot of the time. Everything looked ridiculous on me, which basically means I’m going to have to get alterations on everything. I ended up sleeping like a baby last night at 10PM- that’s how tired I was.

I’m going to finish this up quickly because I’m awfully tired and have another early start and long day of training tomorrow! I have a feeling there will be a lot of material thrown out tomorrow I will have to be at my best mental capacity to grasp. With an morning start at 7AM (compared to my normal noon the week I had off), I slowly got dressed in my khaki slacks and white long sleeve button up. With tons of hairspray on my bun and pearl earrings in tack (I hate wearing earrings), my roommate and I went downstairs for the free continental breakfast where we met up with the rest of our team members. We were all smiles just from excitement about being here! At exactly 9:15 the bus took off to the training center. The rest of the day was full of introductory work: introducing our roommates, preparing manuals, and signing papers. Now I am back at the hotel taking a break from studying. I think the fact that I went from university to moving to preparing to here has made me a bit burnt out. The week I got to sleep in was still full of constant movement (after 2PM) and I never really got too much time to rest! Now I still am pretty tired, but my motivation and pure excitement is keeping me going! Best wishes and positive thoughts are highly appreciated right now and for awhile! I need to get back to remembering airport codes now. Sorry I haven’t taken many photos- things have been too crazy and cell phones are not allowed during training! Wish me luck!

X Mary Anna

11349099_10203870267348180_714007570_n 11257612_10203870267468183_1851874703_n11351404_10203870267388181_1616054325_n     11117413_10203870267548185_1823687003_n

^After a lo pre training day I was ready to shower (hence the shampoo in my hand).

Now it is waaaay past my bedtime. This is me currently. I won’t be smiling like this if I don’t go to sleep now. Just kidding as a future FA I have to smile all the time. Okay really this time. Goodnight, X Mary Anna


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