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TWENTY-TWO; Day before Miami

IMG_1347IMG_1346IMG_1345IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And it’s my grandma’s birthday! It’s also the day before TRAINING! Well, for the next 20 minutes it is. Tomorrow I board a 5AM flight out of my hometown and then land in Miami a bit past noon. Then training begins! I am pretty much packed for tomorrow, thanks to my mother who does a way better job than I do right now (though I will definitely learn as I begin flying). Today has been spent amongst my family, eating tons of yummy pizza and luggage-shaped cake Marla had her friend make. Isn’t it awesome?! The last photo was the process of eating it, which explains the giant hole missing. I have three hours until I have to be awake- such a painful yet exciting thought. Stay tuned while I blog the journey of tackling on Miami as a fresh twenty-two year old hopeful flight attendant!

X Mary Anna

P.S. I’m going to miss my Piper so so much. 😦


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