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We’re In Guide Books!

Hello again, dear friends!

I bring some exciting news: Kevin and I are in a Moon Guides guide book! Well, actually we’re in two! Moon: U.S. & Canadian Rocky Mountain Road Trip and Moon: Ohio.

This is probably one of the more random and exciting things to happen to me. Basically, how it happened was: I posted a photo of Kevin and I at Rocky Mountain National Park. Someone from Moon Guides found it and asked to use it and, of course, I said yes! Because who doesn’t want to be in a guide book?! (Okay, maybe just dorks do!) A few long months went by and suddenly “Rocky Mountain Road Trip” arrived at our door step. To our surprise a couple months after that “Ohio” also landed at our door. I truly did not expect to be in a guide book about Ohio, but hey, totally cool with me.

We have been searching for the books at every bookstore we happen to stumble upon…and we finally found it in Telluride, Colorado! We popped in for a cup of coffee at Between The Covers Bookstore on a beautiful afternoon in the mountain town when all of a sudden I recognized the cover. There we were- our smiling faces in a physical book in the middle of Telluride! We showed the owners of the store and all had a good laugh because Kevin was also wearing the same shirts as the original photo in Rocky Mountain.

Not the most flattering photo of us…but we’ll take it! This definitely gave me the inspiration I have been lacking to continue taking photos and posting them on social media. I’ve been heavy with life’s stresses lately, but this was a fun, joyful moment and experience that I’m grateful for.

Thanks, Moon Guides!

Oh, I should also say that I have been actively using Moon: Colorado Camping to help plan my summer camping season. This is not at all an ad- it’s just been extremely helpful in telling me what sites are best and what the “scenic factor” of each campsite is!

Well, until next time, friends!

-Mary A.


WE’RE IN A BOOK! A GUIDE BOOK BY MOON GUIDES! This is the most exciting thing ever OMG! #guidebook #moonguide #travelwithmoon #fyp

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