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Disposable Camera: Colorado

Hi again, friends! How are ya?!

Let’s continue with this disposable camera memory journey that we are currently on. On the last post we explored the Pacific North West, but before that trip was my own adventure to…here! Colorado! I had a girl friend that lived in Colorado Springs and, honestly, probably invited myself to visit, but I think back on all those memories with such fondness. Hi, Toni! (if you ever read this). This was the first trip where I flew by myself to a destination. That was invigorating!

So I hopped on a plane to DEN with dreams and my climbing shoes. Seriously. I was into the rock climbing scene back in college so I thought it would be cool to go bouldering while in Colorado. I don’t exactly remember the itinerary of this trip…since it was back in 2013. Yikes. But thankfully (and unfortunately), I actively documented this trip on Instagram so there is some awfully over-edited photos of what we got into including: The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, The Manitou Incline, and a Saving Abel concert. We saw the The Broadmoor Seven Falls (and should probably revisit one day), went on scenic drives to find Wild Horses (we didn’t), and visited the Great Sand Dunes National Park (which I just wrote a blog post about- find it here). There are a lot more memories that are now flooding back into my memory, but I think this would be a lengthy post if I continue.

I know I say this about all of my trips, but I do distinctly remember feeling so alive back then. I met some really sweet people and just genuinely felt like I was living an adventurous, full life at the age of 20. Plus, these film photos are still some of my favorites and I love seeing them as a small collection from my past.

I think past 20 year old Mary would be pretty proud of herself for living in Colorado now.

Until next time!

Mary A.

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