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Disposable Camera: Washington State

Happy Friday, friends!

I am starting to get the travel bug again and revisiting Washington State has been on my radar! We actually briefly considered moving to the Seattle area as opposed to Colorado and honestly, I might still want to one day. I know everyone mentions the moodiness of the weather (as compared to Colorado’s 300 sunny days a year), but there are so many beautiful sights and opportunities for adventure in Washington that I constantly catch myself daydreaming about visiting (and staying).

Kevin and I do plan on visiting for a weekend at some point this year. Until then, I am revisiting via disposable camera photos from a trip in….2013. Woah.

Back then I stayed right on Pikes Place Market at the Green Tortoise Hostel. I remember it being quite clean and having free dinners every night (but of course it has been a long time since I stayed there). I, of course, did the more touristic things like see the Great Wheel, Space Needle, and walked along the waterfront.

However, my favorite part of this trip was adventuring out of the main city to Discovery Park. This is probably when I fell in love with Washington State. It’s also nice that you can just hop on city busses and get dropped off at the entrance to the park. I just spent the afternoon soaking in the views and loving life.

On this trip I also adventured out to Port Angeles and Victoria, Canada (all on public transport and ferries). I don’t have any film photos of this time, unfortunately. I’m not sure if I just forgot to take any or if my roll was full. I would love to re-do this whole trip, but maybe with my own mode of transportation. A huge bucket list item is to visit the Hoh Rainforest and I’m hopeful we’ll make that happen this year!

Well, on to planning our future trip!

Until next time,

Mary A.

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