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Hiking: Chautauqua Trail

I’m back with another outdoor adventure and this time I had company!

We received our first visitor: My best friend of 15 years, Rey! Rey is an incredible journalist working down on the Mexican border, which is where we grew up. You should definitely check out his radio work and his Twitter.

We spent the week/end exploring the Boulder area, getting snowed in, and finally attempting to snowboard.

One of the first things we did was head to Boulder and hike the Chautauqua Trail. This is probably one of the more popular areas in Boulder, but for all the reason! You can’t go to Boulder and not witness the incredible Flat Iron Mountains. We kept the overall hike pretty short, sticking to the Enchanted Mesa Trail to McClintock, but stopped so often to take photos. You’ll have plenty of trail options once you’re here. I definitely plan on going back when the weather is nicer and enjoying a longer trail.

Basic info: There is a rangers station located next to the parking lot. Parking fills up extremely quickly on nice days so heads up. There are bathrooms throughout the hike, which is always great. Our furry friends are allowed, but on leash. And there are also picnic areas which would be so lovely on sunny days.

Along with our hike, we also went snowboarding for the first time at Eldora Mountain. Or at least we attempted to snowboard. I may have spent most of the time trying to actually stand up. After a long while…I kind of managed it? I mean….kind of.

Like I said, we mainly explored the Boulder area, of course including all the cute shops, great food and coffee options, and second-hand stores on Pearl Street.

Thank you for being our first visitor, Bubba! I can’t wait to see you again.

Until next time, friends!


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