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Colorado on Film: Double Exposure

Hello, friends!

Well, the inevitable finally occurred- I messed up a roll of film. Sure, some may view it as an artistic choice to double expose a roll, but unfortunately, this was a total accident. So what happened was…I was trying out this new-to-me film camera. I shot a roll over summer while on camping trips and visits to Rocky Mountain National Park. Then I tried to rewind the film, but the film didn’t seem to be rewinding properly. So I took it into the store I typically get my film developed and they let me know, “the film was never used- it’s a brand new roll”. Oof, okay. I guess I just loaded it incorrectly. So I re-shot it over the next few months at my friend’s wedding and a trip to Copper Mountain. Finally finished the roll, took it in…got my scans back a few weeks later and…ta-da.

The store personnel let me know that they “took a 50/50 guess” that the initial roll was blank. They couldn’t actually tell if a roll had been shot until the roll was developed. I would have preferred the option to develop the initial roll instead of just taking their word for it, but (sigh), you live and you learn, I guess. I know now to trust my gut because I felt as it I had loaded it correctly that first time.

Oh well. So, alas, here are the results of that double exposed film.

Film Info: These were shot on a Ricoh FF-3 AF camera on Fujifilm 200. I obviously can’t say much about the film results…but the camera itself is sturdy, a little loud, and makes a high pitched screech when the roll has fully rewound (now I know). I shot one more roll through this camera recently and if it doesn’t turn out…I will probably cry…but also I may give up on this camera. Time will tell (about 3 more weeks).

Thankfully, I usually use a couple different cameras at the same time so I already shared some photos from these camping trips on my previous post. Still, I’m really sad that the photos from my friend’s wedding didn’t turn out.

I’m still bummed that this happened, but Tik Tok seems to think it was a creative win…so that makes me feel a little better.

Well, until next time friends!



a series of unfortunate events #35mm

♬ Sad Music – Max-Music

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