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Colorado on Film: Breckenridge Skiing

Well guess who finally got their roll of film from January developed! This girl!

Hi, Friends! How are you?

For today’s “Colorado on Film”, we are going back to a winter-wonderland in Breckenridge, Colorado. I know it’s still 90+ degrees outside, but last year the sneaky snow started in September so it is hard not to think about the cooler weather that’s around the corner. Back in the day, my family used to have family winter trips to Ruidoso, New Mexico where I would conquer the slopes at remarkable speeds. Okay…maybe not, but that’s what it felt like. Now that I am older and more prone to injuries (is that just me?!), I am what some people may call…a scaredy-cat. Absolutely, 1000%, no shame in the game, terrified of breaking another bone. So nowadays you can catch me on the bunny slopes or leisurely stumbling through a blue run and stopping frequently to, uhm, take photos. But seriously!

Our friends do a yearly ski trip up to Colorado and it thrills me that we get to join them as we are not too far from the mountains (~2 hours). The biggest difference this trip was that I have my own pair of brand new and beautiful Rossignol skis. (Rossignol Experience 78 C Ski System with Xpress 10 GW Bindings). I used the Salomon QST Access 70 W Ski Boots and Retrospec poles and helmet. I cannot speak about this set up from a technical perspective as I am basically a novice, but it was all very comfortable and I loved everything I used. Plus, now I don’t ever have to rent gear again.

I won’t go into too much detail about how skiing or boarding at Breckenridge works…because honestly, I still don’t really understand it. If you are an annual Epic/Summit Value Pass holder… then you obviously do not need any “general info” from me since you are the pro. However, if you are a novice like me that only goes once and awhile, then here’s what I know. An “Epic Day Lift Pass” cost about $94 (more expensive on holiday weekends). If you’re booking online, book for the day you want to use the lifts. Tickets aren’t transferable, but they are refundable. You can book at the resort, but it will cost more. Kids under four can obtain a lift ticket for free- just head to the resort ticket window and request one for the day you need. You can get better info Here.

I may not be the best skier, but I do love to hang out and take photos on the mountain. Although, one day I’m going to need to do a lesson so I can get over my fear of plummeting down the mountain…

Film Info: I used the Canon Z115 and Kodak Gold 200 this day. The Canon is a trusty and sturdy camera so I wasn’t too afraid of banging it up if I fell. I think this will be the same set up I use next time I go skiing. The colors turned out so bright and clean this day due to the abundance of sunshine.

Explore the Town of Breckenridge

After a day on the mountain, head to town and enjoy a casual stroll along their main street. There are souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes, and small businesses that you can support. For all my other camera nerds out there, there is an awesome film camera store called Breckenridge Photographics that you should check out. I’m going to give myself more time next visit and see if I can pick myself up something new (wink, wink).

Well, that’s all for now, friends! I’d love to hear where you enjoy spending your winters! And are you more an adventure-seeker or cozy-by-the-fire type? There are no wrong answers!

Proof I’m not very good at all…

Cheers and until next time!

-Mary A

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