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Colorado on Film: Greyscale

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I caught that pesky cold that’s going around. Tissues and VapoCOOL SEVERE cough drops have been my best friends today. Kevin just went out and got me some Sudafed for my head congestion. It feels like I have a giant boulder weighing me down, so I hope these meds work.

But anyway, enough of my ailments. On today’s addition of Colorado on Film, I present to you “Black and White”. Because I cannot for the life of me muster up the energy to think of any other title for this series. Moodiness in the City? Birds and B&W? I’ll have to try and come up with something better, but brain fog is making it difficult. I picked up expired (03/2005) Kodak black and white 400 film (along with a Olympus FTL) from a slightly sketchy couple having a garage sale. They told me way too many personal details about their lives, but it was a good deal and I got to try my hand at black and white film. Thankfully, I live in beautiful Colorado and you don’t have to go far to find scenic spots to photograph. I shot these on the trusty Nikon One Touch Zoom 90.

How did I ever live without mountain views before? It was the anniversary recently of the East Troublesome Fire and after experiencing (what felt like) apocalyptic scenes of ash falling from the dark red, hazy skies…I will never take mountain views for granted ever again. Of course, I do still miss my ocean views. At heart I will always be first and foremost an ocean baby.

This was a beautiful afternoon in February- the sun was shining and the wind was chilly. We watched an osprey eat its catch on the frozen parts of the lake. Then we went home and ate Little Caesars. It was the perfect day and some lovely film came out of it.

Cheers, friends. Take care and stay healthy.


Mary A.

P.S. Kevin came up with the title name.

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