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Eco-Friendly Product List

Hi again, friends!

Yeah, I know. It’s been awhile. Life has been a little crazy lately- even a little too crazy. But I finally have the time, motivation, and appropriate time change after a day of flying/working to work on this post! I have been asked to write down my favorite eco-friendly products that I have switched to into one post to make it easier for you, dear friend, to browse and select, if it tickles your fancy.

I would like to preface this list by once again stating: you do not need to purchase anything new if you already have a product that is doing the job and has tons of life left! Use what you have until you no longer can and then make the switch to some environmentally friendly products! And in case no one has said it today- I’m so proud of you for doing what you can to help protect our planet!

And on that note, let’s begin!

*All of my quotes are from the Earth Day Network. Check out their website for more brilliant information!

Travel Items

Stojo Reusable Coffee Cup : 

16 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year. These are coated with plastic to laminate the inside and use plastic lids.

Collapsible Cups:

I use these pretty often for hotel lobby beverages, but they can also be used for hot products or during camping!

The world uses 500 billion plastic cups every year.

Bamboo Cutlery:

I have made the mistake so many times of trying to take normal metal silverware with me on airplanes. For awhile it wasn’t a problem, but then Costa Rica airport took my fork so now I only have a spoon to eat with until I replace it. So just invest in bamboo cutlery, it’ll save you a lot of trouble.

Metal Straws:

These are being sold pretty much everywhere now and they come in all types of colors now, too. It’ll take you some time to get into the habit of carrying your reusables with you, but once you get it down, you won’t look at a plastic straw the same ever again.

More than half a billion plastic straws are used every day around the world.

Que Water Bottles:

More than 480 billion plastic bottles were sold worldwide in 2016. That is up from about 300 billion only a decade ago.

Alright, we’ve talked about reusable water bottles before. You can save money, stay hydrated all the time, and save the planet from single use plastic from just carrying whatever reusable water bottle you already own. I have matching bottles with Kevin (aw, cute, right?) but if I didn’t I probably would buy the Que bottle as it is collapsible and when it comes to traveling, it’s all about how much space you can save.

Speaking about reusable water bottles: these are the cleaning tabs ( we use to give our bottles a helping hand with plain ol’ soap isn’t cutting it. Don’t worry, they’re environmentally friendly- I checked.

Home Items

Produce Bags:

I cannot stand those thin plastic bags that are used for fruits at the grocery stores. We switched to these mesh, drawstring bags and they are fantastic. They’re holding my peaches for me as I travel right now, too.

Dryer Balls

So I’m not going to tag the dryer balls that I purchased because they come wrapped in plastic and I still cannot get confirmation that they are cruelty free. Dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets, just keep an eye out on what the packaging is made of.

*This reminds me, when looking for environmentally friendly products make sure you consider what the product is packaged in. If the bamboo toothbrush is packaged in plastic (like they are in HEB) then it defeats the purpose.

Over half of the world’s plastic thrown out in 2015 was plastic packaging. That’s over 141 million metric tons.


Plastic free detergent! We’re finishing up our giant tub and then switching over! I’ve heard only incredible things about this product which is why I’m including them in this list!

Hand Towels

You can use old rags or purchase hand towels to use instead of paper towels. Wash them with Dropps and you’re good to go!

Face & Body

Shampoo Bars:

Conditioner Bars:

Ethique is the only bar brand that I have and plan on using on my hair! It takes some getting used to, but it’s just another two plastic bottles you don’t have to buy anymore! Tip: cut up your bars so that it lasts longer!

Bamboo Toothbrushes:

I’ve seen a girlfriend use her old bamboo toothbrush as a plant measure and I use my old one to comb my eyebrows. Here is a phenomenal article on the rise of plastic toothbrushes:


I swear by their tinted sunscreen moisturizer! I use it every single day and it has never broken me out. Great for the environment, safe for the reef, plastic free, and it gives me a nice tint on my face? Sounds like a great deal to me!

Face Wash Bar

I’m currently using a Whole Foods brand bar but I realized afterward that it contains palm oil. Even if it’s “certified” to be ethically made, I would still just try and avoid it all together! There are plenty of fantastic, small business made face wash bars that you can try!

Reusable Cotton Rounds:

Say bye, bye to wasteful cotton rounds!

Makeup Wipe Towel:

Also another product that takes some getting used to! I would suggest washing your face with a face wash bar and then using the reusable cotton rounds to use toner and get any last dirt or makeup off your face! But when you think about how many makeup wipes you just throw away every single day, you realize that it all adds up and every single one you’ve ever used is still on this planet somewhere (just like your old toothbrushes!)

Daily Moisturizer in Glass

I have been using Yay For Earth‘s moisturizer for about two months now and I adore it! It supports a small business owner, comes in a glass jar, and is ethically made!


I have raved about my Elate products before! In fact, I have a whole clean and sustainable beauty regime post right here!


Kevin purchased me a Manduka yoga mat ( for my birthday and I have been so in love with it! Check our their sustainability description:
“The eKO Mat is a natural yoga mat made from sustainably harvested tree rubber. Unlike other rubber mats available today, the foaming agents used to create the eKO are non-toxic. What this means is that no toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process to soften the rubber. Additionally, instead of using synthetic polyester for reinforcement, we have chosen to use a blend of polyester and natural cotton. According to both customer feedback and published yoga mat reviews, the eKO Mat is a high performance mat that is also good for the environment.”

I try my best to only purchase products that are as environmentally friendly and aligned with the same values that I try and have in my day to day life! Which is why after trying out the mat for a little while and loving it, I decided to purchase the travel sized fold-able mat for when I’m on the go! You can find that one right here:

Alright, whew! That’s all the products that I can come up with right now which means those are all the products that I use on a daily/weekly basis!

I hope this list proved helpful for you! Oh! And I know the majority of these tags are for Amazon…if you want to support a small business I encourage you to check out the Package Free Shop for all your plastic free, eco-friendly needs!

This is my first time using affiliant links so please bare with me!

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