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New Zealand: Lake Taupo

Well, hello again!

Another day another new experience!

I was sad to leave Crash Palace, my favorite hostel of the 8 day trip of the North Island of New Zealand. Although, I wasn’t exactly sad to leave the smell of sulpher behind. Well, it turns out hot springs have a slight smell of it as well. Originally I really wanted to do a mud bath and maybe if I go back one day (with Kevin) we’ll do the fancy Polynesian Spa. This time, however, Analeise and I really wanted to do something free just to balance out expenses. Lucky for us, Kerosene Creek wasn’t too far off our route to Lake Taupo.

Relaxing in the hot freshwater spring was exactly what our sore bodies needed after zorbing the day before. Hot springs are supposed to have many therapeutic elements within them so we lounged around for an hour or so and fell into complete relaxation mode. I would certainly visit again and visit other natural hot springs in the area. I’m just glad someone warned me to try and not submerge my head in the water. Whew! Also unfortunately, the area did have some trash thrown around, so remember: clean up your mess. I cannot stress this enough.

DSC07071DSC07078DSC07101DSC07098DSC07100DSC07109DSC07123 c287b499-7573-4c37-89f3-a1bd26e06092

After our relaxing plunge into Kerosene Creek we decided to continue our exploration of free places to see on our way to Lake Taupo and visited Huka Falls. No amount of photos will ever be able to fully detail the incredible force that is Huka Falls. The water is….astronomically and remarkably powerful. It forces itself through the passageway and pours over itself into the falls.

DSC07129-3DSC07212DSC07207DSC07192DSC07168 DSC07182 DSC07140DSC07245

And alas, this very dramatic photo of the falls.DSC07129

So the overview!

We stayed at the Tiki Lodge Hostel in Lake Taupo for $23.52 USD the first night and $30 NZ cash the second night (we booked it separately after deciding to stay another night). Overall it was a fine hostel. We had the six bunk room with private bathroom to ourselves the first night and then only had one other female roommate the second night. They provided free breakfast of cereal, bread, and jams with coffee and tea. The only thing was you had to get there early because they rarely replenished anything so once it was out- it was out.

So the only things that we spent money on this day was food!

  • $20 NZ cash on breakfast in Rotorua
  • “Expensive dinner” in Lake Taupo is what I wrote in my notes- my guess is about $40 USD! But, hey, sometimes you just have to eat well.

That’s all for this post, friends!

Until next time! (Maybe a crazy boat ride and some Glowworms?!)

Mary A.




6 thoughts on “New Zealand: Lake Taupo Leave a comment

  1. Wow! This looks incredible! I’m planning to go to New Zealand within the next two years (need to save the pennies!) and I can’t wait to see it’s incredible beauty!


  2. Absolutely lovely! I am in awe of the falls. Like you said, I am sure that it is even more amazing in person and pictures can only capture a part of its beauty.

    Sidenote: I am so afraid of hostels and thus have never stayed in one when traveling because I always imagine packed rooms with strangers and less than savory bathrooms. But with the way that you described yours, it did not seem that bad and the price is great! Security is also another thing for me. When you guys went out to explore, did you guys do anything special to make sure your items were safe in the hostel?

    Anyways, thanks for the post! Looking forward to future content from you~


    • Hi and thank you so much for your note!

      I totally understand why you feel that way about hostels! You never really know what you’re going to get with them! But I have never had horrible experiences in them- just eh ones and then amazing ones as well! Normally I hide things under my pillows and blankets and I’ve seen others lock their bags or suitcases to the bed! Thankfully (knock on wood) everything is always where I left it when I come back!


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