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Hello, all!

As I am preparing for my backpacking trip that officially begins tonight (!!!!), I decided to finally post the photos from my surprising layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Another stamp in the passport (two more pages until its full!)! This layover left me with renewed invigoration, refocused determination to explore this world further, and a whole ton of money photos on my IPhone.

The crew and I, of course, visited the Batu Caves. The world’s tallest statue of Murugan was phenomenal to witness on the journey up the stairs (which honestly winded me) to the entrance of the caves. However, honestly, the interior was a bit disappointing as there was quite  a bit of construction going on. I understand all about making a tourist destination more tourist-friendly (and profit-making), but I am concerned about the impact it will all have on the limestone and bats that live among it. I suppose, as with many things, time will tell.

Next we ventured out to the waterfalls, which I unfortunately cannot remember the name off currently. Little did I know that the entire park was overrun by monkeys! And when I state overrun, I mean, truly overrun. They were everywhere. My favorite part was watching them sneak snacks out of unobservant tourist’s backpacks and then scurrying off with them. I even witnessed one steal a orange fanta type of soda out of someone’s purse and proceed to punch a hole on the bottom and begin drinking it! Impressive!

I took a ton of photos- of monkeys specifically- on my film camera so as soon as I get back from this trip I’m about to embark on I need to find somewhere to develop them! I can’t wait to show y’all if any of them turn out decent

Until next time!

Let the backpacking journey begin!

Mary Anna

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