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How exactly did I begin photo-taking, you ask?

I am still amazed at how rapidly 2014 went by. By the time we know it 2015 will as well flash away right before us and I will have so many more photos to go through and reminisce about. I can’t even speculate how many photos I’m going to take this year and of whom or what (or where) 🙂 I know that as a kid I used to have this purple film camera I absolutely adored and this other toy film camera that allowed me to add funny backgrounds to my shots (I vaguely remember something about aliens?). After that I had a Canon Powershot something and other pocket cameras that I just enjoyed taking photos of everyone I knew with. So if you knew me growing up, you best believe I have some awkward photos of you. High school was when it all really started though. My best mate Bubba (hi, Bubs) had just gotten a Canon Rebel XS and I remember thinking it was the absolute neatest thing. Because I was going to go on one of those People to People trips (shout out to all you awesome P2P people), I just wanted something I could take solid photos with. So I sold chocolates at school (even though I technically wasn’t supposed to) and then eventually with my parent’s help I purchased the same camera as Bubba. After taking it around the UK I was remarkably proud of myself for capturing so many beautiful moments with amazing new friends and incredible scenery. I just wanted to remember everything. I didn’t want one facial expression to go undocumented but I also wanted to be in the documented moment (I actually truthfully still struggle with this). Still, that’s how the whole picture thing started. Then one day sophomore year in Uni I decided I just wanted to photograph a cute couple and from then on I continued taking photos of my roommates and friends, and then friends’ friends. One day I photographed an event and then another and got a little dinero from them, which I thought was incredibly sweet. And so the story goes. Within the last two years, I upgraded to a full frame (and am forever indebted to my father), have gotten the chance to see that there IS a community of photogs both in my college town and outside it (shoutout to all you Amazing talents in Seattle), and have seen how much serious work goes into making this business work. I’m really excited to see where all of my photog friends go with this in life (because you guys Are going to go far) and as for myself, I’m excited just to continue learning about it and enjoying the road it takes me on. Most importantly, I’m just thrilled about how many sweet memories I have and how many I have shared with extraordinary people (like yourself). Below, an assortment of random photos from several main events that contributed to my love of photo-taking: high school (ew), NHI, P2P, College Break Tours, (and of course study abroad but I’ve talked about that enough already) With each event, organization, trip that I’ve been apart of I have files on files of photos of precious and sometimes bizarre moments I’m glad were captured by camera, either by me or not. In the end, photography is more personally about remembering this lifestyle. It’s about the photos that make me smile, that I’m happy I was apart of, and that I’m proud I took. As always, bisoux! Mary Anna.

High school…ah…100_1391100_1384100_1462



NHIIMG_8277  IMG_8625 IMG_8312

Even more high school (wince)IMG_8891  IMG_9334  100_0210      IMG_9323

Europe 2IMG_2423_MG_3098_MG_3230_MG_2975_MG_3054

Not selfies or photos I’m in.IMG_3702IMG_9175IMG_7141IMG_6703IMG_3782

And photos of places instead of selfies or other humans.IMG_3242_MG_2859IMG_2924IMG_2187  IMG_0259IMG_0486_MG_3349

And finally, last year’s NYE sister photo and this year’s.


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  1. Hi Mary! How are you, hope you are doing well. Anyways I saw this in fb and checked it out lol awesome work keep it up!


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