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Film: Yashica

Hi, all! How is everyone doing? It’s currently Monday the 24th, 12:16 am. I have to take Piper to the vet at 10am and a day of school after so I should be asleep, but I just got back my first roll of film I shot on a Yashica 35 MF camera that I’m pretty sure was my grandfather’s. I’m pretty excited to just know that it works and once again my desire to learn more about film is rekindled. I also got a disposable camera from last year’s trip to Seattle with Camden that I’m excited to share with yall in a future post. If anyone wants to comment and share some insight I would absolutely love to hear it! Until next time- happy Monday!

22380003 22380004 22380006 22380007 22380008 22380010 22380011 22380014 22380016 22380018(I I I know Pumpkin is blurry in that photo but he’s just so adorable I couldn’t resist. Also peeping in the bottom left corner of this last photo is my kitten Piper, also very lovable!)

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