2016: Year of Travel Review


So this year has been ridiculously memorable. Both in the amazing, life changing way and in the heartbreaking, life changing way. I’m finishing out 2016 in Tampa with the love of my life and, as always, missing my family and friends. Hopefully 2017 is the year I can unite everyone together under one roof. Resolution! I will say though that in 2016 I finally learned how to manage my time between work, family, and Luca. It’s all about balance. Below are just a few highlights of my first full year of traveling as an international flight attendant. Times were sometimes rough (20+ hour working days, blah blah blah) but in the end, I have great stories of exploring new cities (Carnival in Rota, beer festivals in Osaka), checking off new countries on my list (Riding an elephant in Thailand, standing next to kangaroos in Australia, everything about Georgia), and making the very best out of every thing that got thrown my way (typhoons, plane delays, many missed flights). Yes, I still whined sometimes but in the end, everything worked out. It always works out. Continue reading


Post Graduation Updates;


11203057_10203727774785955_4309480992272945387_n(Senior Photos)

Well, would you believe in the time since I last posted on here (and in the past few days actually) I managed to take all my finals, graduate from university, and accept a job offer as a future flight attendant! I packed up my room from College Station, moved it all home (that’s a story in itself), and in 8 days I will be traveling to Florida for the first time for training (after I turn 22 on Monday!) Things are definitely moving quickly and they are definitely very, very good. I miss my friends from university, especially those I won’t be able to see for a longer period of time, but I have no worries about our friendships. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into freshman year as I applied for a Freshman Leadership Organization, but I am overwhelmingly content with where it took me and who it brought into my life. My heart is full with love, some missing, and a lot of hope for the daily. My traveling continues now. I always felt as if I was born to keep moving, to gain stories from outside lands (outside my hometown, that’s for sure), to greet, meet, befriend, love new people. To smile in new places and bring home new cherishes. I am happy right now, sitting in bed with Piper by my side as the whole house falls into a deep, quiet slumber. Rhythmic hums from ceiling fans and my sloppy keyboard typing on this new Surface 3 I received as a graduation present are the company Piper and I currently keep. This is nice. In a week I will be preparing to board a 5 AM flight, I will eventually land in Florida, and the month of new travel experiences will begin. And I know I will be happy then, too, and every moment in between. Home, base, and beyond.



Bonus!: Now I’m actually going to have travel stories to share with you all! I can be an actual travel blogger officially! In the next post I will list the few steps I’ve taken to prepare for training. Speak to y’all soon!

Mary Anna Flight Attendant


Another Post About Not Really Doing Very Much.

I wish I could write this post about all the very exciting and blog-worthy things that are currently occurring in my life. About how I’m off right now on some remarkable journey finding myself and stuffing my face with delicious foreign foods, but, I’m not. I am however taking time to invigorate myself with the sense of comfort and innocence that I felt on summer vacations from school before structure and schedules once again made sense. I feel as if this is truly the last opportunity I have to be this lazy with zero consequences. It is a nice feeling until you realize that it, just as those summers by the beach or spent eating endless Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, which will always remind me of 3 AM television viewing, has to end. Still, it isn’t over just yet. I have nearly two beautiful weeks ahead of me here at home. Normally I would be literally aching with the urge to travel and get away while I have free time, but you know, this time things feel a bit different. So I will plan my trips for another time (spring break, I’m thinking…europe?). For now and for these next few days I will continue enjoying mother’s retirement and re-watching all the old DVDs I used to adore while I have that pesky thing called time. How are you all spending your days? I hope they are full of plenty of cuddles and cute animals.

As always, bisoux. X Mary APhoto on 1-8-15 at 1.14 AM #5Photo on 1-8-15 at 1.15 AM #4


Oh, man!

I did it again. I almost forgot about a blog. Lately all I have been doing is just a normal routine of school and netflix, with the occasional social gathering. Today is my official last day of Fall semester courses and finals begin on Friday with a Geography exam followed by a 10 page paper due right after. I don’t have too much to report. Still struggling to find a reason or location to travel to so I’ll keep you all updated if anything pops up- and recommendations are always welcomed! I have been changing up my wardrobe lately. I’ve been attempting to break those “rules” we learn as youngsters- such as not mixing navy and black or wearing denim on denim (which is still incredibly difficult for me). Everyday provides a new fun challenge as I search my too small of a closet for a new way to wear everything I already own. I wish I had a personal photographer following me around because by the time I remember I want to remember my outfit I’m already out of it and into pajamas- just like now. I’ll work on it though. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing really swell. If you’re on finals schedule as I am- bon courage. Grades will never come close to detailing what a wonderful person you are and how much you do contribute to this world.

Also, if anyone wants to rent-a-wife I spotted this service the other day and shaking my head in deep disapproval. IMG_2387.JPG