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Tag: Christmas

Post-Christmas Post

Merry late Christmas, y’all! I hope your days have been absolutely brilliant and full of so much love and happiness. My little wings are working this holiday season but it has still been nice to spend some time worth the … Continue Reading Post-Christmas Post

My Christmas Eve

(I wrote this on the plane today)I’m seat 2A on a 58 minute Embrarer 145 United Express fight operated by ExpressJet. It is December 23rd and I am heading back to Houston. My flight attendant is a nice looking young … Continue Reading My Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays! I sincerely hope everything is having an incredible Christmas season full of love and compassion for all! Here are some quick snaps of my holiday and Piper’s first Christmas. Christmas Eve involved tons of yummy really traditional Mexican … Continue Reading Merry Christmas!

Christmas is Coming!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Preparation for Christmas! I am currently sitting in our living room at home, watching my mom put up the Christmas tree, listening to a Christmas pandora station, and pretending like it isn’t 75 degrees outside. (Can’t … Continue Reading Christmas is Coming!