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My Christmas Eve

(I wrote this on the plane today)I’m seat 2A on a 58 minute Embrarer 145 United Express fight operated by ExpressJet. It is December 23rd and I am heading back to Houston. My flight attendant is a nice looking young girl with long black hair, a line of pearls around her neck, and square glasses on her face. She is actually nice, as compared to the grumpy lady I had flying into The Valley four days ago. The first overhead bin won’t close, which means maintenance has to be called. Hello, possible delay. (update: they just left it open and empty).

Tomorrow morning I will be boarding another flight to Charlotte with an end destination of Baltimore where I will be spending my Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve IS Christmas for my family (and most Mexicans). We have the big dinner, open all the presents, and celebrate together all evening. I had to have mine last night. On actual Christmas I’ll end up working to Miami for a couple day layover. Normally desired but this time I’d rather just be home with the family. Being a flight attendant sucks sometimes- especially this time. But, what can I do? I’m seat 2A now and tomorrow I will be another seat with another cabin crew that has to work Christmas Eve. At a hotel with other adults that need to work. With my crew that needs to work. Today’s flight attendant will have to work tomorrow and Christmas before she finally gets to go to her Chicago based home on Monday. We understand each other. On this 54 minute flight I have accepted the fact that I can only make the best of what I have been given. And what I have been given was a beautiful pre Christmas Eve with my family, a very full heart, and so much love for those I get to spend this wonderful season with. This is my Christmas story. Merry Christmas, everybody. Happy holidays from me 30,000 ft in the air to you wherever you are.

Also jackpot! Everyone loved the gifts I gave them for Christmas! Success all around!

Xoxo Mary

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