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Mary Reyes: Also Known as the Worst Travel Blogger EVER

Dear readers, I am so sorry! I promised to mobile blog my entire journey to the great NYC and I failed you. To my own defense, the fact that I was so busy and was having so much fun that I literally just couldn’t spare a minute to blog is not entirely a bad thing. Think of it this way, I didn’t even Instagram or take nearly as many photos and polaroids as much as I thought I would! Ridiculous, isn’t it? What kind of travel photog goes on a journey, one with amazing landscapes and constant movement, and doesn’t even take photos? Well, sometimes in life you have moments that you just can’t document. Instead you soak them in, allow them to fill space in your memory and heart, spread through your body, and feel too much amazement that you just can’t document it. I may not have the best photos from the brilliant sunrise I saw on my way to North Carolina at 6AM, and I may have written a blog post on the most genuine older gentleman that I was so fortunate enough to sit next to on that flight, but in my heart I’ll always remember that even though there were like…50 years difference between us, he was an automatic friend. I loved hearing about how his wife has put up with him for over 35 years and how he adores sky diving and “oh, you need to try it!”. I can’t explain these moments in detail, but I still feel them with as much brilliance as the moment in which they were occurring. For now, this is all I can write about it. I still need to fully come off this traveler’s high that comes from a wonderful and entirely memorable experience. I’ll explain more later- that I promise.

As always, bisous mes amis. X Mary Anna

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