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I’m still alive!

Howdy, fellow bloggers and blog-readers! I’m sorry for my disappearance-act. Lately I’ve been in a bit of a writing stump. I constantly begin blog posts, write a little, and then just…stop. I’m not sure why. I have a million thoughts in my head at all times, and yet, putting them down in words has been difficult. School is probably taking over my brain- at least, that’s what my guess is. Anyway, this weekend I will be traveling to NYC to visit a friend and (hopefully) visit some magazine offices and just drop by and say hi. Is that even allowed? Oh well, guess we’ll find out. I’m nervous to travel, which is certainly normal, but ridiculously excited to get out of sweet little College’s Station’s too comfortable bubble. For now, however, I took some NyQuil which has long been kicking in. An early drifting off to sleep for me! I’ll be mobile blogging this weekend, so excuse me for any silly typos or mistakes that may occur! Follow me on Insta (mareyes15) for a more up-to-date play-by-play of my journey!

Till then, as always bisous mes amis!

X Mary Anna

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