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+4 for Added Challenge! (And +1 to Wrap It All Up)


31. Discover what may be missing in your day. This can go well with 15, but instead of examining your daily habits, discover what’s missing. Is there something missing in your diet? Probably. Is there something missing in your routine or mindset? There may be a chance. Track it and then decide today is the day you’re going to implement it. Personally, I know I lack two things that can only be beneficial: drinking milk and putting on cream/lotion. They may sound silly to you, dear reader, but I may have a bottle of milk in the fridge and if cereal is not involved, I won’t drink it. Or when sweater weather permits and I am allowed to bundle myself into a cocoon, I forget to even think that my skin wants some loving, too. Both things can only help me feel better in one way or another. There may just something you constantly overlook but can make a sizable difference. So go find it, and implement it today (and tomorrow, and the next day…)

32. Compliment/Share the Wealth/Share the Happiness. Too often we walk around with our heads bent, minds wandering over today’s agenda, that we forget about those around us. To this I simply say, don’t. Remember that one simple act of kindness can make the world of difference to someone else. If it’s raining and you have room in your umbrella, offer to walk with someone (you can make a new friend too!). Compliment that person’s smile or scarf or how they remind you of someone really sweet from your past and then wish them a remarkable day and every happiness. We don’t have to be so scared of one another, we just need to start being nice.

33. Visualize your inspirations. I recommend having a crafting day and creating a motivation board. Cut and paste or thumbtack images, colors, quotes, names, scenery (what have you) that fuels your drive for everyday life. Teaser: This is my next crafting project also!

34. Stretch. Your body and mind will feel so much better when you’re nice and stretchy. Trust me. Do it in the mornings before you start the day, afternoon breaks to reassemble yourself, and at last, one longggg stretch right before you head off to a deep slumber.

35. Now that we have spoken on ways to minimize (just life in general), I want to add one more challenge that sometimes helps me wrap up whatever type of system I am in. Contrary to 16. (And contrary to the idea of minimalism, I know) I do believe in the power of treat-yo-self. What exactly is this, you ask? Well let me explain. We probably all know how it feels to have less than $10 in your bank account (shout-out to having $14 right now). As well as we have all, I’m assuming, experienced the agonizing heart-break of not being able to afford something you had your dear eye on (be it anything: food, clothes, games, services, etc). I’m a firm believer in rewarding yourself from time to time (okay, guilty of it being a little more than time to time ((I’m working on it)). So the next time you face a roadblock on making that purchase, think about what you’ve been going through lately, analyze how this might (and if it even can) make you feel better, happier, healthier, more confident (how have you), and if you can make the splurge, do it. Save the receipt and critique on it later. For me, I used a Christmas gift card on a new pair of chic Springy sunglasses that make me feel like a badass because I know there will be days where I just need a little spunk to waken me right up. Just remember to be a little reasonable- you don’t want to go completely wild! TREAT YO SELF.

Overall, I hope you enjoyed today’s afternoon post! If you begin following the chart or any of my added bonus challenges- let me know and tell me how they work for you. Remember, there really aren’t any serious rules. Do them in any order and as many times as you wish. Remember, dear readers, be courageous and be good people. As always, bisoux.

X Mary Anna

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