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REMEMBER MYSPACE? Do you remember that bulletin board where you could post anything you wanted and all your amigos and amigas would see it? I used to love posting surveys on there- why? I have absolutely no idea, but I remember just taking out time to fill out a new one, attempting to be totally cool and relaxed about my answers, and then giggling to myself while I was probably alone in my bedroom. SO, that’s what I’m going to do now. I have officially spent all day in bed, nice and cozy with Piper. I managed to even make brownies which I will invest myself in with a big glass of cold milk while I once again fill out a myspace survey. Yes, for fun. I will admit, I went onto myspace in hopes of discovering one of my old ones, but of course the website is now entirely redesigned (and still failing) and only old photos are there. Damn, I really wanted to check out the layout Brianda made for me back then. Anyway, enjoy!

Are you ready to spill your guts?
Oh man, am I! I have nothing better to do!

What if you married the last person you kissed?
I forgot how potentially awkward these questions could be! Can I skip a question already?

What are you listening to?
Piper taking a bath, the heater blowing across my bedroom, and an occasional faint sound of a vehicle rush by, probably on its way to a party, unlike me.

Have you ever kissed someone who’s name begins with a A or D?
Sure, I don’t discriminate based on first initials.

Has anyone told you they don’t want to ever lose you?
My grandma’s quite fond of me and tells me this in spanish a lot when I see her.

What’s wrong with you right now?
Piper won’t stop trying to eat my brownie.

Do you truly hate anyone?
No, that’s way too much negative emotion for one small body.

Has someone ever made you a promise & broke it?
It’s an unfortunate fact of life that things sometimes just don’t work out the way we want, or expected them to, or were told they would.

Will you talk to the person you like tonight?
I love my cat and she’s all I need.

What color shirt are you wearing?
Salmon? See photo-booth photos below for reference.

Are you friends with the last person you kissed?
We are, he’s a solid fella.

Have you ever woke up next to someone and wanted to puke?
Oh man, what a question. What does this even mean?!

What do you do when you need to relax?
Typically just lay in bed with Piper and relax to her little purr’s until all the bad emotions go away. Cat therapy is the best therapy.

Do you have a best friend?
I have many best friends, or as I call them “best mates”.

Do you open up to people easily?
As long as you seem like a good person I will- apparently I’m pretty open with online surveys, too!

What do people call you?
Mary, Jacob calls me Marie. That’s it.

Has anyone upset you in the last week?
Just these gosh dang missing wisdom teeth.

Is your room clean?
I’d say it’s normally verging on some middle ground between a creative organized messed and overly-crowded closet that exploded one morning that I couldn’t decide what to wear.

Favorite color?
I’m very into the color gray as a base, but for spring I’m throwing in a lot of lime green and rosy pinks.

Who is the last person you had a serious conversation with?
Besides Piper, I’d say Edmar.

What color are your eyes?
Brown brown. *NOT BLACK*****

When will your next kiss be?

Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
I normally talk to anyone that will listen!

Can you recall the last time you sincerely liked someone a lot?
Of course, but I’m pretty content with my cat right now.

Do you blow dry your hair?
Nope, more of that towel cocoon swish flick thing.

Will you be in a relationship in the next month?
Naw, buddy, this is the time to FOCUS and dominate interviews and exams.

Do you have anything that belongs to a partner or ex?
Gifts I still adore!

How often do you straighten your hair?
Whenever it gets a little too poofy, which now that it’s shorter is common. The trick is beanie day!

Was last night terrible?
Besides some minor wisdom teeth extraction point pain, I’d say no.

What should you be doing?
Probably not staying at home with my kitten eating brownies and drinking milk. What do normal 21 year olds typically do on Saturday nights?

Describe how you feel right now in one word?
OOOOOOOOH. (this is a tough one and that’s all I could come up with)

Are you scared of anything?
Just not getting to do everything I want out of life, but I’m WORKING ON IT.

Do you think more about the past, present, or future?
I’ve always been one to think about way, way into the future a lot.

Are promises important to you?
You know, I understand that things sometimes just don’t happen. Even if someone promises something, and if it doesn’t happen, you just have to work through it and find a happy spot somewhere else.

Is there someone who makes you instantly smile when you receive a message from them?
If only Piper could text.

What’s the last thing you drank?
Milk and water are the only things I can drink right now.

Is your natural hair curly or straight?
It’s just a whole bunch of frizzy waves on top of each other.

Is tomorrow gonna be a good day?
A sunday with no school the following day? YEAH!

Were you mad when you woke up this morning?
No, I finally got to sleep well without Piper or tooth pain waking me up. Refreshing!

What were you doing at midnight last night?
I was at NG with the typical gang.

Has anyone gotten on your nerves lately?
Well, Piper is in heat right now and when she howls it sounds like something is dying so…that’s been quite irksome.

Will you talk to someone on the phone tonight?
Who knows?

Is anything wrong with your eyes?
Just very poor eyesight is all. I can only blame myself. I wanted glasses when I was younger and would put on my sister’s. Genius, Mary, genius.

How many pillows do you sleep with?
Several surround me but I just need one.

Who’s the biggest slut you know?
This is such a terrible question. The world slut needs to be erased from everyone’s vocabulary.

Do you miss anyone?
My family!

Are you nice to everyone?
I try to be but I’m working on being nicer to everyone.

Think back to the person you fell the hardest for, how do you feel about them now?
He’s still a solid German fella living in Italy studying languages.

Kissed somebody whose name starts with a J C R T or S?
Why does this even matter?

Do you ever think about the past?
It helps me see the direction I want to go in clearer. What did little Mary want and what does little older Mary want now?

Do you believe ex’s can be friends?
Everyone can be friends if you just give them a chance

Do you currently have a hickey, if so where?
Gasp! No!

Name something you did yesterday?
(The person who answered this before me wrote “sex”. Good for you, lady) Hahahaha, oh man, yesterday, I spent all day with Edmar, drove around the city in my own car (what), made dinner, fixed my room, hung out with my cat and friends. Normal.

As of this minute, what is going through your mind?
I have to disrupt Piper’s beauty sleep and put normal pants on.

Does anyone know your password besides you?
I sure hope not, it’s something I created when I was a youngin’ and it’s terribly embarrassing.

Are all of your friends virgins?
That’s for them to disclose!

What did you do last night?
I answered this!

Have you ever kissed somebody driving?
That’s very dangerous and not recommended.

Is the last person you texted single?
Yeah, but he just got a puppy so commitment and responsibility are soon to take over.

What are you most looking forward to today?
Today is pretty much over and I’m still in pajamas.

Do you THINK you like anyone?
*sings All the single ladies in the background*

Have you ever been awake for 48 hours?
Presque, probably for my own stupidity though. Or finals. Or both.

Europe or the Caribbean?
Oh, Europe- always Europe.

Look outside, how’s the weather?
I’m assuming cold but since I haven’t stepped outside all day I have absolutely no idea.

Are you jealous of anyone right now?
No, that’s just too unnecessary of an emotion to hold.

Did you ever think someone didn’t like you, but came to find out they really liked you?
Isn’t that what being a teenager is all about? And then in reversed? And then again in reversed?

Do you regret something today?
I have brownies…what do I have to regret?

If you had to choose someone to sleep next to every night who would it be?

Is there a difference between love and being in love?
I’d say there actually is quite a big difference.

How long until your next birthday?
May and I hope time goes by slowly and sweetly.

What time did you go to sleep last night?
Around 2AM I’d say after a short blog post and tumblring.

Do you hate being alone?
No, Piper’s howls make sure I’m never truly alone in this big house.

Day been rough?
Once again, besides this stupid lack of tooth pain, not at all. It’s been a very refreshing, slow, and sweet day to just collect myself before moving forward again.

Who knows a secret about you that no one else knows?
There’s probably several people on this list.

Have you ever had your heart broken?
What I thought was heartbreak was actually just little Mary being very silly and dramatic- now I know.

Do you look decent when you wake up?
My retainer always brings out the color of my eyes in the morning.

Does anyone have something that belongs to you?
Besides my sisters, probably not. I hope not…if you do, I want it back!

Do you have anything that belongs to someone else?
If you want it back, let me know!

Do you get jealous easily?
It’s just about constant reminder that it’s okay to not have what they have.

Are you happy?
Very happy.

Do you know anyone who lives in New York?
Andy just moved up there (hey, Andy!)

Do you wish someone would turn up at your front door right now?
Not yet, I’m not ready yet! I probably should be getting dressed instead of finishing this myspace survey. Gosh, these things are long.

Have you kissed someone in ‘09 that you care about?
I don’t even remember ’09…

Have you ever slow danced with someone?
No, I don’t touch the opposite sex.

Have you ever kissed a blue-eyed person?

Do you ignore people when you’re mad/upset with them?
I get my passive aggressiveness from my father.

What’s worse, having someone mad at or disappointed in you?
Oh man, both can definitely hurt. Disappointment runs deeper though.

Is this the best year of your life?
The 17 days into this year have been very calm, but preparing for France this time last year was much more exciting. Overall, it is too soon to tell! I have great expectations for this year though which involve making so many more happy memories with friends and family, graduating, and seeing Taylor Swift.

Who do you tell everything to?
Piper and Edmar.

Who’s vehicle were you in last, outside of family’s?
John-Austin’s! (hey!)

What are you going to do after this?
Continue playing with John-Austin’s new puppy, Cotton. *Have since moved from bedroom to another residence, have also put on decent clothes that aren’t pajamas* (Progress)

Do you make eye contact when you talk to people?
Yes, you are supposed to from what I hear.

Do you wear make up?
I do, for fun and for myself.

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