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Late good evening post!

Hello, fellow late-owls! I just thought I’d post a quick “good evening” before I completely knock out in my university city. Today was my first full day back and it was everything I wanted it to be. Now I’m content and sleepy thanks to these wisdom teeth painkillers I’m on and, of course, the time. I have a few things to share with you all in the near future! I’ve made a few new purchases to things I’ve been wanting around my bedroom and in my wardrobe (and I “accidentally” bought a new beanie…but it was only four dollars!) and I look forward to showing you them! The most exciting thing I’ve purchased lately though? A plane ticket! Finally! I’ll be visiting one of my best mates Jeremy in around a month in Ohio to see his last theatre performance while in Uni and I get to go with my other best mate Bubba. It should be absolutely wonderful and I kind of hope to possibly experience some snow as well, though I won’t be too hopeful on it. At least this new beanie will come in handy. There’s a few other destinations on my list for this semester that I want to target in on some Kayak searches for: Boston, Providence, Atlanta, LA, Seattle, but first I should settle down in a university schedule again and look for that job I’m supposed to be having…yikes. I hope everyone is doing wonderfully- remember, think positive thoughts! You can only lift yourself up hire when you believe in good and in positivity! As my priest always says, “keep on keepin on!” As always, bisoux mes amis.

X Mary Anna

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