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I Don’t Know About You…

…but I’m feeling like spring! Granted I realized January and February tend to be the coldest months, but when you live in Texas, you never know! I realized this past weekend that it has been so long since I have had a proper dose of warmth to reinvigorate my body and help me see clearly again. I got the chance to just sit out on Sunday and continue re-reading Wuthering Heights as my skin welcomed a perfect kiss of cool breeze while I laid back and reveled some skin (ooh, scandalous). It was glorious. My body thanked me and I the sun-Gods for blessing us with a couple days of non-gloomy weather. I never thought I’d say it but my head longs to avoid beanies and I have no desire to pick up any more sweaters this season (what is wrong with me). Therefore, I feel like spring and I have been attempting to wear brighter colors lately to continue with the excitement that comes with a change in time, scenery, and atmosphere. Instead of just re-wearing all of my boring warmer-weather attire (dressing for Texas heat is most of the time very unpleasant so simple t-shirts and shorts are- unfortunately- my go-to’s), I have decided to make a teeny tiny investment on a small new wardrobe (Yay! sorry, Mom). My color scheme for any season normally involves the neutrals: a lot of beige, gray, and more gray. However, this time I am visually motivated (cough cough, check out a few blog posts back) to be braver and purchase colors outside of my norm. The list involves: lilac, neon yellow (what), lime green, mint blue-ish, normal yellow, (for I always believed tan girls couldn’t normally wear any shade of yellow), and anything rosy. It may not sound too wild, but trust me, it will be. As well included are a new pair of hip sunglasses, wedges, strappy heels, an umbrella (because I definitely do not own one), and colorful clutches and purses. This whole endeavor will quite possibly begin tomorrow via internet shopping since I got my wisdom teeth out this afternoon (it was absolutely terrible). I don’t recommend it to anyone, ever, no matter what your dentist suggestions (I’m kidding, kind of). Because I was recovering today and not allowed to basically talk or eat or do anything (seriously, it is terrible), I began a polyvore account and am now addicted. If you’re interested in anything fashion or tumblr-esque related you should look into as well and explore the world’s biggest closet and visually-perfect goal minded aesthetics. Now, I shall go and continue pretending like I don’t have gauze in my mouth tonight as I sleep. As always, bisoux!

X Mary Anna Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.03.06 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.27.07 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.56.15 AMScreen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.51.04 AM

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