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Another Post About Not Really Doing Very Much.

I wish I could write this post about all the very exciting and blog-worthy things that are currently occurring in my life. About how I’m off right now on some remarkable journey finding myself and stuffing my face with delicious foreign foods, but, I’m not. I am however taking time to invigorate myself with the sense of comfort and innocence that I felt on summer vacations from school before structure and schedules once again made sense. I feel as if this is truly the last opportunity I have to be this lazy with zero consequences. It is a nice feeling until you realize that it, just as those summers by the beach or spent eating endless Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, which will always remind me of 3 AM television viewing, has to end. Still, it isn’t over just yet. I have nearly two beautiful weeks ahead of me here at home. Normally I would be literally aching with the urge to travel and get away while I have free time, but you know, this time things feel a bit different. So I will plan my trips for another time (spring break, I’m thinking…europe?). For now and for these next few days I will continue enjoying mother’s retirement and re-watching all the old DVDs I used to adore while I have that pesky thing called time. How are you all spending your days? I hope they are full of plenty of cuddles and cute animals.

As always, bisoux. X Mary APhoto on 1-8-15 at 1.14 AM #5Photo on 1-8-15 at 1.15 AM #4

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