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List #2: How to Kick 2015 in the Butt!

Do you know that moment when you feel as if something remarkable and something big is about to occur? That moment when you know something is not too far off and in reality all you have to do is wait? Maybe it’s all the sugar from this large Dr. Pepper that’s giving me goosebumps or possibly hanging out with my best mate Rey/Bubba and talking about life, but as the new year approaches (countdown begins now!), I feel this movement occurring, steadily sweeping its way over space and winding its way down to me- ready or not. Okay, a little visually dramatic, I know. Still, as much as I try to deny it, it’s almost time for decisions to be made. I’m supposed to figure things out in 2015: graduate, have a job, begin said job, begin paying back (insert very inappropriate curse words) student loans. BUT, this post isn’t about all of those silly stressors. It’s about what I consider the first few step in preparing for them! As I mentioned in a previous post, I was knocking something off my List of Fresh Starts & Changes but now I’m going to call it my List of How to Kick The Future’s Ass (sorry, Mom).

First step: Commit to what liberates you. Do what makes you feel refreshed and re-energized. This may be a one step process such as cutting your hair as you’ve always wanted it but just always stopped yourself from doing or working on that annual purging of your closet (and room, desk, refrigerator, email, garages, walls, you get me). For me, chopping off my long-ish tangled locks was my step to liberating myself from all of this year’s stressful weight. I’m normally nervous that I’ll look even younger (oh how many times I’ve been carded going into Rated-R movies), but regardless I took the plunge. I think sometime in the future I may go even shorter but for now I am very thrilled about having it short(er)! Personally, I’m one for constant change. Feeling idle builds restlessness in my bones so I’m working on being active in all parts of my life. Now that I’ve taken the step and reflected on it, I am brought to to the second step of how to kick 2015’s hiney!

Step Two: Visually prepare and demonstrate active commitment to everything you want to accomplish. Remember how we spoke about lists the other day? I don’t mean just jot a few things down and then be done. I mean, create grand expectations for yourself that exceed any chance of delay. Be visual. Tape that bucket list/to do list/ goals list to your laptop and then tape it somewhere else and then somewhere else after that. Because we all know how easy it is to stray from a list when you don’t feel necessity to finish it (and we know how much harder it is to finish it when there is pressure to finish it- students, I’m looking at you). I once saw this girl in class tape her to-do list to her water bottle. Genius! You stay hydrated and on track at the same time!

Step Three: Remember who you are. Now, because you’ve been so motivated and driven for quite some time now, it’s normal to see that liberation you felt from step one slowly deflate like a pretty balloon. That’s okay! Not to bring up scarring childhood memories, but I believe we can all attest that The Lion King was quite a tear-jerker (it wasn’t your fault, Simba). To quote Mufasa’s ghost (oh man), “You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of life.”. When you are feeling overwhelmed with obstacles and work (it happens), take a second and remember what goals 10-year-old you had. 10-year-old little Mary jumped around constantly between future dream occupation to another. I wanted to be a doctor (Halloween costume), and then an astronomer (even bought a toy telescope), and then even an orchestra conductor for a day. Even though I couldn’t stick to one dream goal for too long, the point is, I believed in myself enough that I knew I could make anything happen. Now, in spontaneous moments of question and panic (again, it happens), when I begin to allow myself to be defeated, I force myself to stop, recollect, and as my priest says, “keep on keepin’ on”. It’s your circle of life- own it.

One Final Step in how to boss 2015 like a pro: Trust. Trust yourself. Trust that you know yourself better than you may sometimes think you do. Trust yourself when you face obstacles, that you will overcome them with grace and strength. And even if you overcome it with a bit of clumsiness (uh me), remember the main point that you did in fact over come it. Trust yourself when other’s doubt, when parents, friends, strangers question your future decisions. “Ay, why do you want to do that anyway? You know you won’t get a lot of money, right? Why don’t you just do this instead?” Trust that 10-year-old you would be so ridiculously proud of how much of a fighter you are. A few more things to trust in life: trust your body and treat it well. Trust you have the mental strength to figure out different solutions to confusing problems. Finally, trust others, you may have had an experience in the past that made you doubt sincerity or kindness in strangers, romantic partners, friends, but trust the fact that there are people out there that only wish for you to succeed and most importantly wish for you to be happy.

As always, bisoux mes amis 🙂 X

Mary A

P.S. Here are photos that my Bubba took of me to show off my shorter do! And a couple photos of my dear Bubba that can be found on my website at   IMG_5374IMG_5392IMG_5384IMG_5378IMG_5360     IMG_5381  IMG_5389 IMG_5395  IMG_5484   IMG_5491IMG_5357IMG_5452IMG_5352

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