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Clothing: 2014 was the year of:

The beanie. I realize this isn’t the post I promised (check in tomorrow for it!), however, tonight when a cold front (finally) blew into my hometown, I quickly reached for my winter necessities which currently involve a pair of ridiculously incredible maroon gloves that I purchased at Walmart for $5 (what) and that allow me to text and play with my phone with them on (what again) and for one of my many warm beanies. In total I’d say I have around…oh, I don’t know, 12 of them and yes, I do wear them all. I tend to be rather lazy in the winter time (okay, always) with my hair, so being able to throw on a beanie and walk out the door only brings me immense happiness. Plus, how cute are they?! Those that know me pretty well know that the perfect gift to me is always something to go on my head. I’ve posted below that I could find on my cell of a few of the ones most dear to my head. Many of the photos were taken while in my time in Europe when they were always needed, but the bottom three/four are just lazy-ing around and shameless selfies (always shameless). Now the question remains…what exactly will 2015 be the year of? Well, I have a rather genuine guess my assortment of watches will be expanding really soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ I guess we’ll see.

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Finally, because we’re talking about clothing/accessories in this post there are a few things I need to learn how to correctly incorporate into my wardrobe: light-washed ripped denim jeans, suit blazers, and fedoras. I have struggled with each one of these artifacts of clothing but they are now all part of my closet now (thank you, Saint Nick) so I am going to experiment until I get it right. Can’t wait to show you what I come up with! Bisoux! Mary A.

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