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List #1

With the end of the year too quickly approaching (seriously, where did 2014 go?), many lists are about to be created. These can be anything from resolutions, remembrances, or supplies you’ll need for that exciting New Years Party you’re about to host. In general, I personally make one too many lists. I even have a journal dedicated to them. This time, however, I thought I’d share with you a couple of my own lists as the days come. My first one being the Top 2 Moments in 2014 That I Haven’t Been Able To Stop Thinking About. Man, that’s a long title. I was going to write a longer post because certainly 2014 was full (and still is) of memorable moments, but in all sincerity, I know deep in my heart that these are the moments that have taught me more about how to love and what it means to have a good heart. As I continue to reminisce on the person I have been this past year, these two are moments I have not been able to think about because of how much personal growth has emerged from them.

Alas, here we go (both tied for first place):

1. The Moment I Met Peter. 

France already had grand expectations to live up to. I was prepared for endless amounts of bread, cheese, and wine (sorry, Mom) along with other thoughts I had prepared. However, my expectations for France drastically grew the moment Peter sat down next to me in the university restaurant. Little did I know that before this specific moment (and boy, can I replay it perfectly in my head) my world would suddenly rapidly be altered. I was still full of so much emotion that comes with moving to another country (even though it was late in March ((Edit: Febuary))). I was enthralled with all the new possibilities that come with a relatively fresh location but still vulnerable to slight home-sickness (it happens). Little did I know that one day as I sat with the other Americans for lunch, a German student would sit with his Italian buddies right next to me, ask me if I was American, and then as we all made conversation, proceed to ask me (though I still attest I was tricked) into getting coffee at la maison de l’etudiant. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I should have guessed when he paid for my café noir. Then everything after that was basically like a fairytale, with a few obstacles and misunderstandings, but full of sincere and intense love and emotion that we couldn’t help but each mature. This isn’t going to be a story of what happened afterward and even though it didn’t work out, the day I refilled Peter’s water pitcher at the cafeteria is a moment I will probably be 80 years old and still thinking about.

1. The Moment Piper Let Me Adopt Her.

Tied with the previous moment is something that still makes me giggle as I write. Now, my first actual night with Piper was at a hotel and it was absolutely dreadful. I didn’t realize that she would be so hyper and that she’d want to jump on everything. I stayed up what felt like the entire night with her trying to keep her out of mischief and to keep my parents from waking up. However, every day and night and moment after has only been full of immense growth, responsibility, and ridiculous fun.This whole thing is going to make me sound like a crazy cat lady, which I accept proudly, but in all seriousness, having a pet teaches you so much about yourself and about loving a creature that cannot give you anything but only love and admiration in return. I’m definitely okay with this. Even now as I write these Piper is fast asleep right next to me, which is a refreshing break from her walking across my keyboard as is normal. I never really understood cat people…until I became one…and as always, I highly highly recommend it.

Now, 2014 has in itself been a spectacular year. I think I’ll make more posts of “Moments that made me feel some type of way” in the near future.  For now, though, it’s 3 am and I have an early start to knock something off my List of Fresh Starts & Changes that I have for myself. Tune in tomorrow to find out what it is 🙂

Bonne nuit! X


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