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Christmas is Coming!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Preparation for Christmas! I am currently sitting in our living room at home, watching my mom put up the Christmas tree, listening to a Christmas pandora station, and pretending like it isn’t 75 degrees outside. (Can’t have it all, I guess). It’s been a lovely break away from school and a wonderful visit home. I go back to university tomorrow early afternoon and I feel prepared to just get my work done, finish finals, and set my sights on the near future again. As stressful as this season can get (finals, gift-shopping, decisions to be made), just please remember the beauty that is at the root of everything. We have the opportunity to not only have a life, but to be alive. That life can be full of constant headaches and confusion, but it can also be full of thanks, praise, remembrance, hopefulness, creation, love, laughter, you get me. Even the Grinch learned to love again, and no matter what your life entails, if you feel yourself losing the drive or willingness to love- in any season, you can learn to love again, too. Merry Christmas Preparation!



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