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Hi, everyone! It has been a little while since I’ve written and I apologize for that. I’ve been trying to figure out some of the important questions currently going on in my life, to not much success. Once again, here I sit outside of my comparative politics course, escaping the sudden cold front that has made it’s way down into Texas. The day I have been patiently waiting for and yet I forget my gloves. Okay, so now for the future part. What are you all doing with your “future”s? What are you all doing now? Honestly, I’m really struggling on finding any answers. I thought that as I went to university- because I went to university- I’d have an answer by now. I know that I have one more semester to get my shit together (sorry), but I’m still zoning in on absolutely no ideas about the future. Actually, that’s not true. My options include: apply to grad school (which I don’t want to do anymore), go live abroad (which I have no money to do), move to seattle (which I so badly want to do, but with nothing To do), stay in Texas (Which I’d rather not do), become a flight attendant (which is always an option and I’ve always wanted to do), join the peace corps (which I’m interested in but not entirely certain of). That’s where my list ends. It ends with a dead ended looped vein of confusion. I’m entirely open to suggestions at this point. To this I ask- what are you guys doing? Is this the future you wanted for yourself? Are you happy with your future?

(It’s not actually this cold here in Texas, but to me it feels this way)IMG_9974 IMG_9985 IMG_0004

2 thoughts on “Futures- Leave a comment

  1. College doesn’t make life any easier – I’m sure you know that.

    I graduated 6 months ago, I know it hasn’t been too long but I thought I’d have a job by now.

    My major was useless.

    I moved towns and I still couldn’t find a job.

    Now, I’m a teacher.

    Not what I thought I’d be doing but for 50k it pays my bills and more importantly – my student loans.


    • Oh, those student loans will forever haunt me. Thank you for your comment. We always need some more great teachers as I’m sure you are! I hope I find something after college that I can survive on and be happy with.


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