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Wants vs Wants

As I get closer to the real world, I continue to face the question of What do I want. Scary, isn’t it? What does Mary want. Well, I’ll tell you some quick “wants”.

I’d like to live in a world of and have my future include incredible window views and picture worthy style, really neat touch screen (or mind controlled if we ever get there) technology, and endless amount of frequent flier miles.

I also really want to live in a world where I don’t need very much. I want to be able to survive off the land more, not need dr. pepper five million times a day, have few articles of clothing that I just like and feel comfortable in. And I want to invest so much more time in thinking about the issues that are knocking so loudly outside my little self-invested box (and consequently less time on the wants above)

So how do I find this balance? Is there a balance to being content and wanting more? I wouldn’t think so. So does this mean it has to be one or the other? Well, I’m trying not to over-analyze this blog post seeing as how I’m extremely fatigued and two posts before this were drafted because they truly just did not make any sense. This is really just something I catch myself thinking about throughout the day. What does Mary want? Well, right now a nap is high on that list, as well as this research for comparative politics to be finished. But what about when I think about my future? I don’t exactly know what I see just yet. I want an apartment looking over Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. At the same time I want the woods to surround me and a less materialistic-heavy life. This is one of those things I just have to end with, I just don’t know.

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