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Hi, WordPress

Well, I won’t lie…this isn’t my first blog. I’ve gone through quite a few blogs, mainly on Blogger, and they have all lasted around a week until they drifted off into the unknown world of deserted URLs and lost passwords. My personal Tumblr is the only thing that has stayed close to my heart courtesy of automatic log-in and how freakishly addicting it is. However, this blog shall as well live to see more than a week, or so that’s the goal.

My name is Mary Anna Reyes. I am a 21-year-old student in Texas currently struggling with all the stress of a near graduation and haunted by the question, “So what exactly do you want to with your life?” I adore my kitten (although I suppose now that she’s in heat she can be considered a cat…but let’s get real, they’re always kittens in our hearts), sincere “How are you’s”, and the company that I keep. I appreciate free refills,  free water fountains, and free bathrooms (so Not Europe). I want to travel back to Europe. And numerous other places but that list would be a lengthy one. I constantly walk that thin line between remarkable motivation (typically after midnight) and walking face first into a glass wall (typically always). I’m pretty okay at many things, but have yet to find that one thing that makes me, as Rihanna once said, shine bright like a diamond. I’m working on it. For now, though, I will continue going to class 10 minutes early, finding ways to not work on my gosh dang French homework (merde), and filling my life with all the incredible people who have no choice but keeping me in their lives.IMG_4676

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